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Aug-09-2017 Categories: news

How to best absorb my items? I am affiliated 21 and I acquire a agglomeration of altered items that I charge to put to acceptable use but I am not abiding what is the best move here.

I acquire a agglomeration of altered kinds of items but I am mostly absorbed in the ones I acquire the a lot of of: players and trophies.

I apperceive both are mutually interchangeable: you accord players to get trophies and you accord trophies to get players. So what's the deal? What are they acceptable for then?

I acquire a ton of brownish players and abounding silver, gold and summer gold players. Aswell actually an bulk of brownish trophies and some argent ones and a brace of gold ones.

What should I do with trophies?

What should I do with players? Should I accumulate them to get new sets? It doesn't accept like they are accessible in abounding sets. Or should I just advertise them on the action market?

For trophies:

Exchange the 5x brownish --> Silver, afresh 5x Argent --> Gold, afresh 5x Gold --> Aristocratic Trophy, and advertise all of those Aristocratic Trophies in the AH.

For the bronze/silver players:

Do the aforementioned exchanges like the trophies ones:

9 brownish players --> 2 accidental trophies

7 argent players --> 6 accidental trophies

Then, dump those trophies into the bays sets mentioned above.

For the gold players:

Do the Summer Gold Amateur timed barter (3x gold players --> 1x Summer gold player), and advertise the Summer gold players in the AH (each go for 9,000 coins)

Right now, these methods are the best agency to profit, with the Summer promo still present.

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