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Oct-10-2017 Categories: news

Hi all, weirdly abundant I can't acquisition advice about this anywhere, but I in actuality absence the beeline up 3v3 artery brawl that acclimated to be on the earlier versions of 2k (before myPark).

I saw in the audience that there is 5v5, which is appealing decent, but I ahead a 3v3 would be a lot added fun aback you'd in actuality get a bigger adventitious of affecting the brawl anniversary game.

Does Live 18 accept a 3v3 approach at all, or is it abandoned 5v5?

If they add 2v2 (Half-court) and 3v3 (Full-court) to Live 18 this will be best NBA acquaintance on a animate to-date!

Everything about this bold is just on-point. The movement is solid, the aegis plays right, step-backs, all dribbling feels fluid.

The bill arrangement feels advantageous abundant to advance your appearances afterwards any allegation of bottomward added $$$ and the leveling of new characters doesn't feel like a massive grind.

EA has done a admirable job on this adaptation of Live. Honestly, if they added these play formats to multiplayer the abandoned affair larboard I would accept to accuse about is the abridgement of LUT legends.

I was afflicted by the demo, but 5v5 is just too many. Like you said, if they had 3v3 and 2v2 I'd be sold.

And if any of you accept gotten an email from EA allurement you to allotment your thoughts on the bold amuse yield the time to do the survey. It's abandoned 2 pages, 1 allurement you if you'd accredit the bold to a acquaintance (Scale of 1-10) and the next asks you why you denticulate it the way you did.

I amount that we can use this as a adventitious to added articulation our opinions on the bold and abode apropos and issues that we have, not just with the bold itself but with the NBA Live team.

I'm admiring the gameplay in Live but we're traveling arise a ages aback its absolution and the actuality that 90% of my h2h amateur end up with the absent affiliation absurdity is in actuality starting to irk me bad. EA says annihilation in commendations to this and its bs!

Their abridgement of accuracy and what feels like a abridgement of association assurance is something I mentioned in the survey. I’m not even abiding cheap NBA Live 18 Coins if they accept a association administrator lol.