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NBA Live - 101 Calendar spotted

Bobby Buckets fabricated a 13 minute video about that 101 lineup. He said he saw it on anyone and asked him if he can allotment his annual to accomplish a video.

And this is why we allegation a reset...Not if they will just let players ratings go over 99, like in Fifa Mobile.

The abrupt availability of >90 rated players for ~200k Coins makes it assume inevitable. I just accomplishment I can accumulate one or two of my Westbrook, but I acquire no abstraction how the resets work.

Basically aggregate will displace like the alpha of the game, except your calendar will become your bequest calendar that you use in specific events. Added than that, it's in fact fresh.

That doesn't complete too bad. Architecture the aggregation is fun, I just ambition to accumulate one of my squads. Do Coins rollover?

Everything resets so appealing abundant go bonkers the anniversary before...You'll still be able to see your aggregation from this year, you just can't adapt it or use it at chargeless will.

Why don't aristocratic trophies advertise appropriate now?

I acquire been affairs for 20k for the endure 3 canicule and not a abandoned one has sold. I anticipate it adeptness be that there is no appeal but I don't apperceive what would could could cause that.

For the accomplished 2 canicule i've completed 3 fable sets (60 aristocratic trophies for 94 Coins Russ,94 Steve Nash,93 Pete Maravich) and I haven't bought even one bays aloft 14k.

Lots of em are on the bazaar for bargain amount bro.and bcoz of the packs there acquire been a lot of gold players in the bazaar and they aren't even affairs for 2k.

So they are application em in the bays sets. So...As you apperceive abundance is inversely proportional to price.

No faculty in bottomward 250-300k on trophies abandoned for elites if alot of the playoff players are 91+ and cheaper than that NBA Live Coins.