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​NBA 2K20 - What do you ambition from MyTeam

news Jul-05-2019

​NBA 2K20 - What do you ambition from MyTeam

Personally, I'd like to see astute portrayals of accepted and fable players. I'm not absorbed in a Yao Ming or a Shaq that can hit threes, or what Brawl could accept been if he lived up to the advertising or a do annihilation Kuzma because he had one big game. I ambition to be able to apperceive what my opponent's players can and cannot do just from the name.

1, Break the year down into three seasons (or added these are just my three ideas) and absolution consecutive seasons in a battlepass appearance format.

2, Do matchmaking based aloft a bacon cap.

All three seasons would accept all the accepted NBA players accessible with ratings and badges angry to their myleague ratings and badges and their complete contracts.

Season one is the amateur season. Accept every fable agenda accessible that is based aloft how acceptable that amateur was during their aboriginal four years in the alliance and accord them a amateur calibration contract.

They could all be the aforementioned bulk or maybe you achieve it so the a lot of acclimated cards are accustomed the #1 aces amateur calibration and afresh the added bank of use be the 2nd aces amateur calibration etc.

Season two is the prime season, All legends cards are based aloft how acceptable they were if they entered their prime years and their affairs would be that RFA max contract.

Season three is the aiguille season. All legends based aloft that abandoned players complete aiguille division and their affairs accepting commensurable to that of a supermax deal.

There wouldn't be a bacon cap for this mode, but teams would be akin up with agnate salaried teams. Also, you could do a lot of contest that are angry to aggravating to achieve up teams with assertive bacon caps.