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​NBA 2K20 - This new 2K20 95-99 system

news Sep-03-2019

​NBA 2K20 - This new 2K20 95-99 system

Why does 2K abide to abuse acceptable players and baby to bad ones? This new 2K20 95-99 arrangement is alarming if you're a acceptable player.

If you were an Aristocratic 1, 2, or 3 in 2K19, you in fact accomplished humans active from abecedarian to abstain arena you. This occurred on a circadian basis. Humans would sit on abandoned courts cat-and-mouse for others to accompany them to abstain arena you.

People would leave the affair and nba 2k20 mt accompany a new one to abstain arena you.

People would go adjournment on a bold that had just started to abstain arena you. It was a above botheration all year long. Elites would adjournment an hour just to get 1 game, and afresh echo the process. It fabricated esplanade afflicted and boring, and for some it fabricated the approach unplayable. This is something that I hoped would change for 2K20, but instead 2K has implemented a arrangement that is traveling to accomplish this botheration much, abundant worse.

The new 95-99 arrangement will be far worse than the Amateur, Pro, Aristocratic arrangement anytime was. For starters, 2K has fabricated it absolute bright that accepting accomplished 95 requires not abandoned a acceptable win percentage, but aswell acceptable statistical performances. This agency that bad players will about absolutely run in the added administration if they see a 97 or a 98 all-embracing on the court, let abandoned a 99.

Secondly, 2K17 appearance esplanade rep is returning. This is a absolute bad assurance for acceptable players. Seeing a 97-98 all-embracing on the cloister was bad enough, but a 97-98 all-embracing with fable rep? What allurement does a bad abecedarian acquire to play them? Why play them and accident your own befalling to get your all-embracing and rep up if you can just contrivance them and go play bad players instead?

Let me ask a bigger question: What allurement do players acquire to even rep up? The added you access your all-embracing and the added you access your rep, the added humans will run from you and the beneath you will be able to play the game. 2K has literally implemented a arrangement breadth accepting acceptable at the bold agency you get to play it beneath than humans who are abominable at it.

Please agenda that this is the abandoned bold with a arrangement like this. No added video bold penalizes humans who are acceptable at it. No added video bold rewards bad players at the amount of acceptable ones. No added video bold has implemented a arrangement and created a ability breadth acceptable players are punished and bad players are glorified. This is a MAJOR problem. Dealing with bold dodgers in 2K19 was not fun at all, but myself and added Elites captivated out achievement that it would change in 2K20.

Looks like we were wrong.