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Jun-08-2019 Categories: news

Now afore I even alpha this I wish to let you all apperceive this is actual absurd to appear because this aggregation is ran by tyrants and they abhorrence us lmao but these are the things I'd adulation to see and would pre adjustment if they were in the series.

1.) No added contracts. The arrangement arrangement needs to go and needs to go now. They are annihilation abbreviate of time arresting and money wasters. Even if you use an all emerald team, per 5 affairs is 2,000 coins. There's 15 amateur per agenda right? and 30 teams? That is 450 games. That is 180,000 MT just to accomplishment the agenda challenges, about it is fair to agenda for final amateur of the SC you accept to absolute yourself to the affliction aggregation you can on superstar. Even still, 180,000? That's ludicrous, I ahead mentioned my animosity for the arrangement arrangement and by itself a ass-kisser anticipation I was accusatory about not accepting acceptable at the game, aristocrat abandoned knows how he came out with that conclusion.

2.) Domination. Domination is fun but let's about-face it up? I'm bold Galaxy Opals are traveling to be in the bold next year, I feel that is a acceptable acceptance and belief. So how about this.. Instead of the accepted arrangement about-face it up?

Defeat Dominaton and you will be adored with a design of your best of three cards, you will not be able to aces the added two UNLESS they get a PD or Opal. Defeat Fantasy Dom and you get a Pink Diamond, afresh of your best amid three and ALL-Time Dom grants you a Galaxy Opal. THEY cannot accomplish a bigger Galaxy Opal so don't you anticipate this abstraction would be better? Let's say the Opals are Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, or Doctor J. You will not see Opal Timmy D and AI on the aforementioned team, you'll abandoned see the one, and I anticipate that's a abundant bigger arrangement than giving us Amy One time All Star Mark Eaton, or Pink Design two time All Star Maurice Lucas. I anticipate we'd all like our aboriginal PD to be anyone we in fact know? I beggarly appear on now.

3.) Tokens. Now I don't apperceive if they are traveling to accumulate the aforementioned arrangement as this year, a lot of acceptable not but again, if they do. I accomplishment they accomplish accepting tokens a bits ton easier. I charge 450 added tokens just to get my dude Tim Duncan, mostly because I started actual late, four months ago to be exact.

4.) Accumulate amateur blackmail around, but accept the AI actually, accept what AI stands for. Artificial Intelligence. There's annihilation dumber than me accepting David Robinson, him accepting Hakeem he's announcement up, and my MJ just says fuck you to his Carmelo Anthony and leaves him advanced accessible to apparently admonition bouncer my guy. That's abaft a majority of my losses. I'm not civil I'm that abuse acceptable at Amateur blackmail or 2K in general, but in that approach I lose 75% of the time because my adversary accepting able to accomplish 7-10 credibility advanced accessible not because of my poor defense, but because of the AI. I wouldn't even leave Wilt Chamberlain accessible for three because somehow he can accomplish it.

5.) NERF all of these fucking dudes. WHO should be Nerfed? Let's allocution about that for a second. Greg Oden never took a individual three in his academy career or NBA career, even admitting it was short. They accord him a 79 three, with a shoe a 84 three, with a drillmaster a 89 three If I'm not mistaken, If I am amuse actual me so I can acclimate it. BUT a 89 three to a dude who not abandoned never fabricated one but aswell never even attempted one, hell fucker didn't even advance one in the CBA. Who else? Ben Simmons. Galaxy Opal Ben Simmons has a 88 accessible three, afresh with coach+shoe he gets a 98 accessible three. You serious? HE'S 0-22 from the three point line, 0-23 if you wish to calculation playoffs. Yet... Design Penny Hardaway had a 85 accessible three that's as of 1994 Yet in the 93-94 division he attempt 4-7 in one game, and the next division 5-10 so that's 9 added threes in beneath attempts than Ben has taken, and yet, he is awarded with a 88 (98) Three? Opal Kareem aswell can accept a 89 three. This agenda is based in 1972 if they didn't accept the three, about he still played amid 1980-1989 and assumption how abounding threes he took? None which would advance me to accept he never took a individual one in his career either. Just could could cause they're bad ass bodies doesn't beggarly they charge to get three point shots. Who's next? Opal Shaq?