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​NBA 2K20 - It is time to accompany aback the online bout experience

news May-09-2019

​NBA 2K20 - It is time to accompany aback the online bout experience

It's Time to accompany aback the online bout experience... PLEASE. Appearance rankings, appearance record, appearance antecedent games, acquire 1 baronial system.

The accomplished online play for 2k has NEVER BEEN WORSE all their leagues and tiers is all ruining the experience. Whoever anticipation all these filters and tiers and leagues and abhorrent baronial systems were a adequate abstraction should be fired.


There needs to be 1 official baronial arrangement assuming the top 1000 players. Acquire it be able to array by annual and annual and all time. Acquire a LIVE baronial appearance for you if you breach the top 5,000 or 10,000.

Get ride of tiers get ride of leagues. If you are arena a ranked match, SHOW your record, appearance your opponents record, acquiesce you to bang on your adversary and see their stats.. their endure 25 amateur played, who they play with, their global rank, etc.

The arrangement is so complicated and jacked up now it in fact charcoal the acquaintance for the OGs who play the online matchmaking. If you play you should get to aces any aggregation you want! And play whoever!

The accomplished point of online play was to get akin up with anyone good. You could see their record, their ranking, they win band and that is why got you pumped up and aflame to play. Afterwards demography down a Greta adversary traveling apprenticed to your baronial and watch you jump up 60 places. That's what got us aflame and got us addicted. Afterwards accepting a abundant weekend of traveling 20-2 you can see your movement appear the top rankings.

I in fact abhorrence what they are aggravating to do and it DOESNT EVEN WORK. These leagues are so stupid, my stats and opponents stats never amount correctly, it consistently just says 0% for the stats it shows while it's loading.

Rankings are so complicated and you acquire to get to this alliance to get credibility and this and that. You deceit see your opponents almanac or baronial OR ANYTHING ABOUT THEM afore you play them. It's sooooo freaking brainless l... HONEST TO GOD... WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY F**** THINKING WITH THIS CRAP??? they acquire candidly broke it.

A abundant classic of a online arch to arch acquaintance was NCAA March Carelessness 07.. it was the best. Go apprentice from how they set it up. You had your baronial that adapted afterwards EVERY SINGLE GAME. Whether you were ranked 9885 or 125 if you win a bold you see how your ranked changed. You could see your opponents all-around rank, their record, their endure 20 bold results, who their top 3 teams were, and could leave the bout if you wanted. You got pumped up nba 2k20 mt if you were ranked 833 and you were arena anyone who was ranked 240th. You got adrenaline you knew you would ascend if you won this game.

Right afterwards you apprenticed go to the baronial and see it amend and your new rankings. These are the things that fabricated it so exciting. It acquainted like you were afar of the March carelessness top 25 rankings. That swag that comes with accepting ranked in real activity was agnate in the game. If you got akin up with a guy in the top 100 you were NERVOUS it was a huge befalling and it was awesome. Every ranked bold mattered.

Bring that aback this new backtalk so so stupid. I in fact abhorrence it. 2k has in fact destroyed the online sports gaming acquaintance as far as what was the aboriginal point of it. WHO IS THE BEST INDIVIDUAL PLAYER. Now they wanna acquire leagues and a JV and a array and a academy and a semi pro and and pro. Weak humans say applesauce like "well you charge time to get bigger and it's not fair if you play anyone adequate if you aboriginal start". PLAY UNRANKED MATCHES UNTIL YOU GET GOOD!

Like cmon this accomplished apple appearance change of be fair and anybody get a bays is in fact even ruining the appearance of online gaming. I abhorrence the humans who accomplish the decisions for 2k you allegedly never played basketball in your activity or anything competitive. You in fact took out or busted up every individual allotment of the bold that fabricated ONLINE PLAY annual it. I abhorrence you 2k developers with a passion.

This is so stupid. Anybody is ranked in the aforementioned pool. You accomplish it into the top 50k you appearance your baronial every time you win or lose it moves.