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May-15-2019 Categories: news

1: Delay until in fact 2 weeks afore the bold releases to accord us some fucking pictures (a few canicule afore absolution for absolute news).

2: Announce the acknowledgment of esplanade rep and esplanade affiliations.

3: Anybody goes crazy and pre orders the game.

4: Gameplay is absurd and every body plays how they're meant to aboriginal brace of weeks.

5: Humans accuse about op builds , so 2k patches aggregate endlessly.

6: The bold becomes a bones and is exhausted with glitches.

7: 2k starts accomplishing acclamation about the next game.


The botheration is that 'great aboriginal few weeks feeling' exists is not because 2k patched things and bankrupt them.

No. It is because A) humans don't accept badges maxed B) This annihilative youtubers/park distill gawds don't apperceive how to do their abracadabra yet. They are addition the bold out. And if they do, they column shit, they accomplish videos. And afresh fucking morons alpha shoving, corruption abate breaker and awning animations and shoot everything. Afresh all arresting flaws this bold and non-op builds accept are apparent and esplanade (MTU for altered affidavit too) is ruined.

Every year they change the gameplay in a way that kills a lot of of the cheese from the antecedent year so it gets you aflame that those debris players abusing that accepting aren't traveling to be acceptable but afresh you just apprehend they'll acclimate and figure out what the new cheese is eventually and 2k will not fix anything.