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​NBA 2K20 - How 2K Can Fix MyPark For 2K20

news Apr-14-2019

​NBA 2K20 - How 2K Can Fix MyPark For 2K20

These are just my own thoughts and experiences. I'm mainly absorption on features, not gameplay.

- Accompany Aback Affiliations: I would aswell adulation to see 2K add one new amalgamation in accession to Sunset Beach, Rivet City, and Old Town with complete day/night cycles.

- Accompany Aback The Old Rep System: The actuality that rep is still angry to all-embracing sucks because it penalizes players for authoritative assorted builds. Rep should be angry to acceptable and arena amateur in the park, and maybe Rec/Pro-Am as well.

- Bigger Rep Rewards: Accompany aback the old rewards that no one asked to be removed, such as tigers and jet-packs, as able-bodied as accustomed rewards like hoverboards, skateboards, mascots, etc.

- Rewards Should Cost Nothing: 2K does not accept to accept that a "reward" is something you acquire that should be accustomed to you as a aftereffect of harder plan from grinding. And if we accept to pay for these rewards, F*ck off with the big-ticket prices.

- Hide Records: Records should be view-able, but not by added players. This would annihilate "record checking" and acquiesce humans to get added amateur consistently and stop humans from abstention competition.

- Accompany Aback the Absolute Esplanade Experience: The Neighboorhood is a lot bigger this year, but the absolute esplanade allocation is consistently dead. Bringing aback the old parks, with appropriate events, and even a 4v4 cloister and maybe a 5v5 for anniversary esplanade makes sense.

- Esplanade Badges: These were air-conditioned for the esplanade grinders. They were affectionate of cheesy, but a fun little addition. Aback Esplanade is a little added on the arcade ancillary anyway, I don't see an issue.

- Altered Stats For Builds: For example, I ambition to be able to see what my PG averages in allegory to my PF, in ADDITION to seeing alloyed stats.

- Aggregation Mode: Promising affection that seemed absurd this year. I ambition to see this broadcast aloft by abacus clandestine matchmaking (for tournaments), absolute uniforms as against to just a bodice and shorts, and maybe the adeptness to actualize a custom artery court. Up to 8 players for a aggregation team?

- Matchmaking: Got next is a esplanade staple, mainly because of the allurement of walking about in the park, but would anyone absence it if it was gone? At the absolute least, 2K could add a ranked bout authoritative arrangement in accession to got next for the more aggressive esplanade players. Got next could be acclimated added by accidental players.

- VIP Win Streaks: If I bethink correctly, assertive players can cossack added players off of their spots in the bosom of a win streak... I don't anticipate accepting a assertive all-embracing or a YouTuber should acquiesce you to bang humans out of games. Some people work/go to school/have kids, etc., so it's reasonable to anticipate that they adeptness not accept abundant time to play themselves.

- Viewing Win Streaks: Speaking of win streaks, why can't we appearance our accustomed cloister win streaks, yet we can appearance added streaks?

- Shopping Centers: Anniversary Esplanade could feel unique, maybe even with absolute items to boutique for with absolute stores. If they blemish the Neighborhood (which they won't), they could beleaguer the Parks with some of the food the Neighborhood has to offer.

- Custom T-Shirts: I accept some absorb issues affected 2K to abolish this, but this was one of my admired features.

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