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Jun-12-2019 Categories: news

So, for fun I decided to see what the "Best Available Players" option was in MyTeam. I have 29 GO's, so I knew it was going to fill them with 13 of them, but what I don't understand is the metric by which they determine who they are.

NB - The GO's I do not have are LD MJ, LD Kobe, Payton, Drexler, Baylor and Iverson.

This is what the CPU considers "Best Available Team"...

PG - Gilbert Arenas

SG - CJ McCollum

SF - Giannis Antetokounmpo

PF - Karl Malone

C - David Robinson

6 - James Worthy

7 - Carmelo Anthony

8 - Luka Doncic

9 - Trae Young

10 - Walt Frazier

11 - Wilt Chamberlain

12 - Derrick Rose

13 - Yao Ming

So no room for Gervin, Harden, Leonard, Zeke, PG13, Kobe, CP3, Pettit, Blake, Jordan, Kareem, Simmons, Moses, Roy, McHale and Nash.

Now the GO's have been coming fast and furious so I haven't been able to try out each and every one (Trae, Nash, Luka, Harden, Yao, Gervin and Kawhi probably have 1 or 2 offline games played for me) but I am pretty sure Kobe is better than McCollum, PG13 is better than Trae and Simmons is better than Arenas so I'm really curious how the game determines "best" Ben Simmons, for instance, ranks 4th right now in total attributes, nba 2k20 mt, so how is he not in the best 13? He's also got 19 HOF badges to CJ's 17 so what gives?

Furthermore, if you go to the "Search" in your binder and look at all your players, one would think it would list them in descending order, but it actually lists them in tier order, then reverse alpha order, with the two Blazers at 1 and 2, and the three 76ers as the last GO's. This makes no sense. But I digress. More concerned with how they determine Best Available Team and would appreciate any insight.

(NB - I've been playing practically daily since September, so 29 GO's is not a flex, just an accumulation based on the grind.)