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​NBA 2K20 - An bigger assistant brand system

news Sep-01-2019

​NBA 2K20 - An bigger assistant brand system

What if rep was abundantly based on an bigger assistant brand arrangement to access acute play? Abnormally acceptable brawl movement and spacing, so arena with randos isn't so infuriating.

For example, giving cogent brand boosts for:

- Award an attainable teammate

- Quick passes and canyon to assists

- Acceptable spacing

- Acceptable cuts

- Acceptable picks (as continued as you cycle or amplitude the attic after)

Sucks if I canyon to anyone open, and the accomplished added aggregation swarms them, but the accepting doesn't accomplish canyon at all or takes too continued to canyon to anybody abroad that is now open.

Also be air-conditioned to accord cogent drops in brand for:

- Demography bad shots

- Captivation brawl too long

- Not accidental to attainable teammate

- Poor off-ball movement/spacing

Could lower the bulk of humans who alone focus on assault their man 1 on 1; and consistently absence teammates authoritative acceptable cuts, or continuing advanced attainable (could be harder to affairs that tho).

(Noticing a lotta humans up on their high-horses antisocial on and accusatory about humans bringing up things they don't like about 2k20. So I feel like I accept to add that this is just something I anticipate would be cool, not accusatory that they didn't do this in 2k20)