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​NBA 2K20 - Account of MyTeam glitches

news Sep-11-2019

​NBA 2K20 - Account of MyTeam glitches

I accept no gameplay complaints but there are a lot of above glitches in MyTeam. Hopefully this gets abundant brand to grab 2K's attention. If you apperceive of any added issues, I'll add to the list.

1, The bigger issue, position locks accept already been bypassed via a actual simple glitch. There are already humans application Giannis and Simmons at PG.

2, TTO Offline isn't alive period.

3, Some circadian calendar challenges are absurd because they crave activating duos (none currently) or TTO Offline wins (unplayable).

4, There's a above annihilate in MTU area humans are accident and abrogation the game, and the bold doesn't calculation as a win for their opponent. Happens actual generally and usually in 3rd quarter.

5, Ascendancy has missing rewards and awry accolade packs that accord you a duplicate. Abnormally in 2nd domination, you'll get a lot of alike jersey rewards. Every accolade in ascendancy is angry together, and they're not auctionable so you can not accept the final Jason Richardson accolade afterwards all the jerseys. This aswell happened in 2k18 and humans didn't get their missing rewards until December.

6, Filtering auctions in the Auction House isn't alive properly. You can clarify out a assertive bulk ambit and it will not appearance all the cards aural that range. Actual harder to acquisition the cheapest card. It may be a way to action sniping but they shouldn't breach a simple basic of the Auction House.

7, Not recieving the abounding MT bulk that I becoming during ascendancy games. You'll be advantageous to acquire 1000+ MT in a bold and accept even bisected of it.

8, Missing beneficiary rewards. I apperceive you accept to go into the calendar now to accept rewards but some humans aren't accepting them at all. It will say it's completed and there will not be a backpack in their que.

9, A few humans accept complained about advance their change cards and the calendar doesnt change, even admitting it shows it as completed.

10, Some of the circadian calendar items don't accord you anything, it seems to affect the ones which would accord you tokens. 2K already cheated me out of 6 tokens from these.

11, You can aswell bypass position locks by application preset lineups. "Tall" will sometimes put a C at PF.

Removed appearance or new appearance that I'd like changed:

1, Searching for cards in the Auction House via the My Accumulating menu.

2, Rebounders in bathe mode. They removed your teammates in bathe and now you accept to hunt down your own backlash instead of your teammates blame it aback out to you.

3, Accidental TTO boards. Every TTO Online lath seems to be the same. I admired endure year if you'd get a lath with a accidental design pack. They mentioned activating TTO boards in the blog so this could change.

4, I capital added offline agreeable and challenges but the requirements for Spotlight challenges are too expensive. You accept to aggregate the absolute accumulating which isn't applied at this point for a lot of players.