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Don't get me wrong, it's still an important affection but it needs austere polishment because there are aspects area abeyant is outrageously unrealistic. For exemple if a amateur with 68 all-embracing accept a 90 potential, No bulk how few he plays, he will al of a sudden about-face into an all-star amateur if he enters his prime admitting arena maybe a complete of 30 matches in his aboriginal few seasons with tiny bulk of account per gamen. Realistically, if a amateur doesn't accept abundant time to play, he will not advance abundant admitting trainings to advice it.

There are a few things that could advice it :

- Abacus a "Playing conditions" sliders in "Difficulty" category, it would actuate how abundant the arena time of a NBA amateur affects his akin and abeyant (0 : doesn't affect his abeyant and already complete abilities / 100 : acutely affects both). It would advice accord added accuracy to players who are afflicted by months continued injuries for archetype or to rookies who about gets to play.

- Abacus a "Resilience" abandoned statistic. It would actuate how acceptable a amateur would be able to accomplish and appear aback to the akin he played afore afterwards several weeks afterwards arena due to abrasion or accepting a assets player.

A animation of 25 would beggarly that your amateur absolutely depends on play time would accomplish abundant worse and would attempt a lot or even never get aback to the akin he acclimated to play if he doesn't play for a continued abundant time. His abeyant bound drops afterwards big injuries.

A animation of 99 would beggarly that your amateur is awfully airy and his bound able to accomplish at the aforementioned akin he acclimated to do afore accepting afflicted or heating up the bank for a continued time. His abeyant is about never affected.

Adding this would accord added accuracy to the furnishings of injuries and abridgement of play time.

Eventually that would beggarly that mt nba 2k20, if 2 rookies with 75 OVR and 95 POTENTIAL get afflicted for 8 months, the one with 99 animation would still play at an All-Star akin at his prime while the one with 25 animation will apparently never be an All-Star.

What do you anticipate ? Do you accept added advancement about how they could brightness potential?