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​NBA 2K20 - 2k20 Suggestions

news Apr-11-2019

​NBA 2K20 - 2k20 Suggestions

Disclaimer: I don't play Myteam or annihilation abroad besides MyCareer usually so apologetic if I abandoned anyone.

We can go on and on about what 2k has done amiss historically. And even added so this year. But I wish to accord 2k some acclaim for what they've done right, what could be improved, and what has no abode accepting in the bold next year. Im traveling to try to say all of this from an cold standpoint and accumulate it brief.

# Animations/Gameplay.

- Don't Lock animations abaft archetypes, unless that classic can abandoned get the action in takeover. Reason being: you get a lot of backfire from the association about lockdowns spamming steals, stretches accepting batty absolution times, playmakers accepting crazy anklebreakers. Accomplish a lot of animations accessible to anyone who does the able moves to get it, and save a few key ones for takeover (posters for slashers, 3 point landings for sharps, agrarian anklebreakers for playmakers).

- Bigger blow IQ. I apperceive this is engine based but change the collison apprehension to animate added bodying up (even if that agency added blowbys as a accident accolade thing) and nba 2k20 mt beneath bang steals. Bang steals dont charge to go abroad because even professionals accomplish impaired brawl administration decisions but if a bang abduct is added able than a able-bodied timed steal, afresh we acquire issues. This would aswell animate poor brawl handlers (stretches, sharps) to accord the brawl up because a academy adventitious of distill auto by a acute apostle bodying up would abash awning cheese.

- Contested attempt IQ needs to change: Contested shots go in at a abundantly top rate. Contested agency a agglomeration of altered things depending on how you allotment it. MY suggestion: Change the timing window on shots based on challenge level. So you can blooming agilely contested shots beneath generally of advance (unless youre smothered or heavily contested by a apostle archetype) but you acquire to change your timing to adapt.

- No pushing. Abashment I even acquire to say it.

# Progression

Road to 99 sucks, either get rid of it or change it drastically. I say get rid of it and here's how.

- Accumulate the 60 all-embracing to 99 grind, but dont accomplish 99 the ambition and dont tie rep rewards to overall. Instead acquire 3 altered advance (or 2 if you wanna amalgamate pro-am and park) so that assertive rep levels get you assertive cosmetics (and maybe a few key unlocks like VIP, bifold VC, etc.). Rep levels are bent by not abandoned win percentage, but stats, assistant grade, etc.

- No added aboveboard arresting rep and records. They should still be accessible but accomplish humans plan a bit harder to acquisition them. I wish to apperceive if i am amphitheatre with a bum or not but abominably this arrangement has been abused and it leads to cherrypicking amateur and emptier parks.

- Tie concrete attributes to the weight allowance and gatorade center, tie basketball attributes to the convenance arena, and tie brand advance to achievement in games. I abhorrence badges but the way the bold is traveling they wont be gone for a while. But I like the abstraction of convenance and weight room. IRL if you don't break in the gym animate out you adulterate physically. Why not accomplish it so that strength, weight, speed, vertical (to some degree, of course) are adapted in the gym and if you dont go every so generally you lose stats in those categories. Aforementioned affair for cutting and arresting stats. If you wish to get bigger from 3 do 3 point drills in practice, casual drills, brawl administration etc. And badges should be reworked so that you abandoned acquire advance on them through games, but I'm not abiding in fact how to anticipate cheesing if this was put in. Obviously, your classic determines your minimums and maximums.