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Dec-03-2018 Categories: news

I am a connected appellation fan of NBA 2K games. It is a abounding basketball simulation and the developers accept bigger abounding aspects of the bold over the years.

However, one of the things that abrade me every year is the rim net physics/animations. I accept announced to a lot of NBA 2k gamers and abounding of them are put off nba 2k19 mt by the net physics.

Nevertheless, they alternate to accuse about it, because they are abashed that they may complete too fussy.

For me it's a big deal. This is a basketball simulation, and the ultimate purpose of arena basketball is to annual baskets.

Whenever you score,you wish to feel the achievement of the brawl interacting with the net realistically.

The two a lot of annoying things with NBA 2k19's net are:

1, Whenever the net rises over the rim, it starts affective backwards. This doesn't appear in absolute life.

2, The acceleration of the NBA 2K net movement is acutely slower than the real-life net.

This is 2018 and the 2K aggregation accept the technology to browse absolute activity rim net animations and alteration them into the game. However, they do a half-finished job every year.

I contacted 2K by appointment a appeal at their website and they told me that they will canyon my acknowledgment to the development team. I am not hopeful that they will do annihilation though.