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​NBA 2K19 - Why does my MyPlayer get no respect

news Apr-16-2019

​NBA 2K19 - Why does my MyPlayer get no respect

So, I played my aboriginal division on whatever adversity is one beneath anteroom of acclaim and I had the Classic myplayer division breadth you win mvp, Roy, dpoy, and finals mvp.

I anticipation I was set for a monster arrangement so I simmed my next season of nba 2k20 mt coins, my numbers alone a appropriate bulk and we got bounced out of the playoffs in like the added round.

Here's the problem: they're alleviative me like a amateur now. My best affairs were like 850 salary, 1x multiplier, 18 minutes, and 2 years. Acutely I accepted way added so I approved to negotiate.

However, they had no jerk allowance at all. I approved altered things and dashboarded a few times to try to get the best contract.

Here was my best attempt. I chose the lakers because that's breadth I had been for my aboriginal two years, their antecedent action was 850, 1x, 18 mins, 2 years and I countered with 1.25 instead of 1x.

They came at me with a adverse action of 825 and 1.25 x afterwards added accepting changing. That seemed cool weird, wouldn't every aggregation be drooling at the aperture for a mix of Shaq and jokic?

I anticipation that was awe-inspiring but kept going. I switched over to anteroom of acclaim for this season. Then, in my aboriginal bold I saw myself on the bank abaft a 74 all-embracing tristian Thomson who averages 4.5/3.5/0.5 .

Another awe-inspiring thing. I aswell accomplished my accepted career cold is to become 6th man. Affliction of all, now my teammates don't wish to canyon to me even admitting I accept 99% assistant chemistry

So what's traveling on? Why do I accept 10 actor fans, aces jerseys for my team, accept the rotation, accept a finals mvp, had the best division of all time, and yet my teammates don't even wish to canyon it to me and everyone's acting like I'm some G-leaguer.

Sorry if this has been asked before, I didn't apperceive what to seek to check. Aswell I don't usually play my career but I'm bold this isn't accustomed because the 6th man affair is just abundantly weird.