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Nov-30-2018 Categories: news

I just bought 2K for the aboriginal time this year, and I'm adequate it a lot. Ambrosial abundant all I do is myCareer and the bullwork is kinda batty to up your OVR but I don't actually accept a botheration with that because we accept a accomplished year until the next game. I am adequately low ovr (74) because I didn't actually alpha amphitheatre a lot until a brace weeks ago and I didn't apperceive what I was accomplishing but I am accepting lots of fun.

However, on basically every cilia there are comments by humans accusatory about 2K's "shady ways" and all kinds of bits they do to accomplish money. While the bold is actually p2w of mt 2k19, like I said I actually don't apperception that much.

Mostly I play NBA as a added accidental amateur but I can accept how others get so balked with the bold and the company. (This and all the bugs/glitches in all the bold modes)

So my catechism is, aback anybody seems to abhorrence the game, why does anybody accumulate affairs it every year. Abnormally if endure year's was as bad as I've seen/heard. Seems like humans would try Live or just not play the bold anymore if they don't adore it.

Maybe because the ones that accuse the a lot of are the accurate BB admirers in this association and 2k is the abandoned appropriate BB bold in the market. NBA Live is bigger every year but it is still not at 2k's akin but let's achievement they bolt soon.

Personnally i anticipate the association is added of a botheration than the bold itself because 2k let some things in the bold to amuse the association that shouldn't be in the game.

The best classic for this is the actionable screens : they patched it in 2k16 and humans complained a lot at the end of 2k16 because they can't play afterwards screens because they don't apperceive bits about BB.

The affliction is that they played afterwards screens ONLY because the abominable ass stooge Cs just couldn't set able screens and the abominable ass PGs couldn't yield a awning (because humans don't apperceive that IRL it's not the awning that comes to the brawl abettor but the adverse ... smh) but you could calmly play the Pick& Roll / Pop if you knew BB.

So what 2k did afterwards that ? ... EASY ... they removed actionable screens from the bold in 2k17 and never brought them aback to amuse the association advance by these debris Youtubers and their addled sheeps that can't play afterwards cheesing and every abandoned year we say "this 2k is the affliction and the cheesiest 2k of all time in the My amateur mode" but 2k just approved to amuse the bigger allotment of their fan base. Youtubers dead 2k by authoritative humans anticipate that you charge to cheese to win at all cost.

As continued as 2k pretend to "be the best simulation" and accord us some arcady ass gameplay humans (like me that wish a accurate simulation) will accuse because humans buy what they're told is a simulation but in accuracy is just an arcade game, 2k lies to us to advertise their bold just because they apperceive humans wouldn't buy an arcade BB bold because it would advertise way beneath than "the best simulation of the year".