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Jan-13-2019 Categories: news

The Future of 2K; What they should do next? As a 2K amateur aback NBA2K on Dreamcast I accept been a fan aback day 1,. About the endure few years accept larboard me abrading my head. I accept its all about maximizing profits for them, but there are bigger agency to do that why aswell accumulate the bold "fun".

In this column I will detail as best as I can on what I would like to see them do to accumulate me as a chump and Im abiding others will agree. I was on the fence of not affairs 2K19(2K MT Coins) but caved, I will in actuality not buy 2K20 if abounding time MyPark matchmatching is not in. The blow of my advancement will be icing on the cake.

- The Grind/The Road to 99/MyPlayers

This should be larboard in the MyCareer Story mode. This will accumulate those who alone affliction about grinding, abject and spamming the aforementioned moves abroad from those of us who in actuality wish to compete. This way you can accomplish a max attributes "demi-god" player, but would be bound to this individual amateur mode. Maybe even accept a abode approach area you can allure added MyPlayers to play with you or something.

- MyPark/JRC

This may be controversial, but My Players should not be acquiesce in these PVP modes. Like every added multiplayer (lets crop Overwatch for instance) There should be assorted predefined characters at ceremony position, that ceremony accepting can baddest from. Aback Im application Overwatch, if I wish to go healer I can either use Mercy or Zenyatta both with their strengths and weaknesses. In 2K, already matchmaking ques up and afore the bout starts we aces our position and aces the skillset. Lets say I go PG. I can aces the Playmaker or Attempt Creator for example. This way the Meta is easier to control, and abilities with the appearance in actuality do matter. Aswell you dont accept to body up altered players if you wish to play addition position. We aswell don't accept to anguish about Mike Wang affability and hotfixing every ceremony aggravating to antithesis 100s of altered create-a-player builds.

-MyPark/JRC Matchmaking

Bring aback the absolute Rep Arrangement and accomplish it in actuality matter. For JRC let your aboriginal 5-10 amateur be adjustment matches to put you in a coffer accumulation with added players that are in the aforementioned range.

Amateur that are akin by rep can be Ranked.

However aswell accept an unranked approach for those who just wish to arctic and not accord with the tryhards all the time.


These can break as they are or about they wish to do it. Accumulate the antagonism arrangement afore the amateur alpha that they accept now, and aswell accept a winners arrangement that shows all the stats/and emotes if they wish (see OverWatch end of bout sequence)


Only affair I would like to see is for them to go the NBA Reside route,and remix the instrumentals while the amateur is playing, that way we can beck and upload videos with absolute complete in them.

There were some added annual I had but this column is connected enough. I apperceive its a annoyed cliche by now, but if 2K20 is added on the aforementioned Im out, and if MyPark for abiding doesnt accept abo if MyPark for abiding doesnt accept unding time bout authoritative I am harder out.

Let me apperceive your ideas.