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Nov-03-2018 Categories: news

What Baffles Me A lot of About the 2K Franchise/How We May Be Accepting "Played" to Absorb Added $. I assumption it's barefaced that 2k is aggravating to achieve added money from in-game VC purchases but it is in actuality antic that two months into a (pretty much) allegation to P2W bold it is still broken. Even worse, they don't accept to association suggestions.

If we accept to absorb $50 to akin our players up and absorb about 50-100 hours accepting all our badges, why the hell can't they accept to the community! If you paid $60 upfront and that was all, it's understandable.

But the actuality that they allegation VC down our throats and deceit fix centers missing accessible layups 2 months into the bold is fu cking ridiculous. This behavior is a boilerplate feel to the absolute 2k association and it has to stop. I'm gonna account things that are acutely torn yet annihilation has been changed.

- Accessible layups accepting absent at a bulk way too high.

- Authentic Sharps adeptness to either achieve contested shots at a 75% success bulk or their distill adeptness (Say what you wish but the abandoned humans who say this body isn't torn are authentic sharps).

- My career HOF opponents are about absurd to win against. (I just finishing arena the 2-22 Clippers and they attempt 72% from the field, 62% from 3, and 18/18 from the abhorrent band and exhausted me 164-147).

- Too apathetic to blazon out the blow but you get the idea.

This is not an accusation, just something that I accept the acquisitive algae in allegation at 2K wouldn't be aloft doing

I accept that 2K either doesn't accord a sh i t or they are agilely cat-and-mouse for anybody to achieve and buy VC for the OP builds and if the ideal time is here, they will nerf those builds. This would aftereffect in committed players authoritative new builds, and ultimately affairs added VC.

Regardless, this bold takes acquisitiveness to a able new akin for 2k to not even be able to fix the aloft issues with the game. All in all, I will apparently not buy accession 2K afterwards this years unless there are cogent changes in how they:

1, Acquaint with the community- 2K is abhorrent with acclamation the association and relaying advice to us. If they aren't gonna change something, they could at atomic acquaint us so were not "screaming into a void".

2, Fix the grind- There is no acceptable acumen for the bullwork to 99 to yield over 500 hours. That is not fun for the majority of the association and candidly wastes our lives.

3, The Greed- We paid $60 upfront for the game, are affected to pay $50 added if we wish an 87 all-embracing afterwards cutting months of my career, and why would I anytime f u cking pay an added $100 for a hoverboard that has been chargeless in the past? (Skateboard comparison)

TLDR: It just seems like 2K doesn't accord abundant of a sh*t about the bold to be this determined aggravating to allegation VC down our throats all the time. No one wants to absorb added money on a bold that the developers acutely don't affliction about.