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Mar-08-2019 Categories: news

Just analytical to see what has been acknowledged or did not plan out for humans in pro-am. I acquire 8 absolute players all 90+ that I've acclimated in the pro-am, all from abominable meta builds to arbitrary builds to advice aggregation composition. So far the body that I acquire been admiring so far is my newest one:

Two-Way Point Forward. At 6'9 200lb 2 ticks beneath max wingspan. I acquire been averaging abutting to a amateur bifold every game. acquire gotten 4 amateur doubles in about 10 amateur played and abandoned accident 1.

To be honest, I anticipate all teams should run their primary ballhandler/playmaker as a point advanced (unless they run a aciculate or shot/play guard). Breadth is acutely important on the arresting end. I grab a ton of boards and adapted abroad I bandy it to the abutting accepting alive to the bandage (RB/R1 afresh LB/L1).

As a playmaker why wouldn't you ambition to advice out on the boards and breach back/not aperture out. You're accomplishing your aggregation a disservice if you're alive up the cloister searching to score. as a point forward, you're big/long abundant to grab boards on both ends of the court.

Also, don't accent brawl ascendancy as an important stat, if you acquire 70+ afresh that's acceptable abundant if you apperceive how to run PG. JUST PASS THE BALL! Stop searching to annual off an abate breaker, teammates will augment off your dimer badge.

What are your guys' favorite/successful builds/lineups? What I adulation about pro-am is that there isn't one ascendant lineup. Abiding there are abominable meta builds, nba 2k19 mt but all can be chock-full clashing that baneful Park bold mode.

Here's what's been alive for my aggregation as of backward (80-35 pro-am record):

PG: Authentic SC SG 6'8

SG: Sharp/Shot SG or Shot/Sharp SG 6'8

SF: Two-Way Point Advanced 6'9

PF: Authentic LDD SF 6'9

C: Two-Way Able-bodied PF 6'10 or Bottle PF 7'0

Other builds I acquire (all maxed badges) and what I would bulk for pro-am:

Slashing Column C 7'3 290 lb

6/10 fun but struggles adjoin acceptable bottle cleaners

Pure Attempt SF 6'9 235 lb

4.5/10 fun but accountable aback a lock will a lot of acceptable be absorption you

Pure Aciculate SG 6'6 185 lb

4/10 im abhorrent at cutting but this body is way too accountable on defense

Reb Slasher SF 6'10 260 lb

7/10 abundant baby brawl big would acquire arresting over airy though

Reb Rim Protector PF 7'0 260 lb

10/10 this body doesn't annual it, but it has HoF bedraggled plan badge

Sharp Apostle SG 6'8 195 lb

8/10 abundant defender, inconsistent cutting but still good, adapted slashing (silver posterizer/lob city-limits finisher), able-bodied for a shooter

Sharp Playmaker SG 6'5 215 lb

9.5/10 abundant abhorrent threat, apparently best in game, but can be a accountability on defense