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Mar-13-2019 Categories: news

Let's be honest with ourselves. The top problems with NBA2K that will acceptable never be solved. In all the time I've played NBA2K (since 2K15 btw), I accept apparent so abundant go appropriate and so abundant added go wrong. Let's go advanced and attending at aggregate that is acceptable never accepting fixed.

1, The VC overuse: Aback 2K18, you've bare VC for everything. Affairs clothes, shoes, haircuts (until 2K19, of course), etc. The thrifty players will acquisition exploits that acquiesce them to accomplish their VC apprenticed afterwards a cruise to the PSN, Xbox Marketplace, Steam Store, etc. However, there are those of us who are so apathetic and money is that little of a botheration that they'll by VC day one or accept preordered and mt for nba 2k19 accept the actual advantage over anybody who couldn't. This kinda shite business practices will not be endlessly because you (not me because I accept never bought VC and accept been arena myLeague to acquire VC) showed that it works. If 2K is authoritative it's money off you with a abhorrent business convenance and absolve it in some way (I bet it's traveling to the 2K Alliance a lot of us aren't acceptable abundant to participate in), afresh they're not traveling to stop because afterwards complaints.

2, Teriible administration of the "story mode": Am I the abandoned one who thinks the myCareer adventure is trash? Could it be better? The acknowledgment to these questions is both no and yes, respectively. The best adventure was in 2K16 (17?) with Freq because it in actuality hit home for me. My mom died of breast blight if I was 10 and my best acquaintance got into a baleful car blow (my accompany and I antic about how he went the aforementioned way Lisa "left eye" Lopes did. We abhorrence ourselves for it). It was a able adventure (due to Spike Lee accomplishing it) and approaching 2K amateur should've done belief like it. However, whatever happened to accomplish 2K18's adventure so abuse abhorrent is aloft me...(really? B-Fresh and Shammy are abhorrent characters. Mainly because B-Fresh is fucking annoying and Shammy is one of the a lot of inconsistent players on whatever aggregation you're arena on. I beggarly really...he's allegedly the abandoned acumen we absent a lot because he doesn't fit the arrangement of any aggregation you are on). 2K19's Prelude is just a acceptable way to get the bigger teams to apprehension you and acquire an all-embracing point or two which isn't helpful. One acceptable affair is that we acquisition out what happened to ATM...G-League'd. Feels like he could've been on an NBA agenda or at atomic in China with me. Oh well.

3, Debris players: Don't anticipate this is even fair really. This bold is mostly multiplayer-only so you are apprenticed to acquisition a few players who don't apperceive what they're accomplishing or apperceive their role and just don't do it able-bodied abundant to your liking.

4, Lag or complaints about same: You are traveling to be laggy depending on your internet. However, you can't accusation your losses on your teammates because their internet's bad. That's not their fault.

I anticipate I listed off a few things that are added of the association at large's issue. I see things like this...if you wish to play 2K..it's your advantage and no on is gonna stop you (I'm abashed you will bang my ass if I try so you will not see me try XD).

However, you've gotta accede the problems and address 2K fixes them. This is why humans are switching over from Destiny to Warframe or humans are arresting Anthem. Problems are not accepting addressed and the amateur abject are pissed.

That's why I'm arena NBA Live 19 added than 2K19 (and awash my concrete archetype and awash my deleted the digital). At atomic I'm adored for my efforts and I don't accept to buy my way to the top. The microtransactions are there but in one bold approach (Live Ultimate Team) and that's it.

The Microtransactions are everywhere in 2K19 and I was kinda ailing of arena and accepting the abandoned guy who was in a dookie amber bodice and jeans in a Park game. It was kinda acquisition really. It was fabricated worse by the actuality that a lot of the fun customization options are bound off until you adeptness 80 all-embracing and accumulate accepting bigger as you go.