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​NBA 2K19 - MyTeam players in fact advanced I owe them wins

news Jan-05-2019

​NBA 2K19 - MyTeam players in fact advanced I owe them wins

An Xbox user messaged me afterwards I had gone up by 20 in an Unlimited game. "This would be my 12th won, amuse help."

I acknowledge saying, "ur so abounding of it man". He had an all emerald or beneath aggregation and I was currently antibacterial him.

I forward him the chargeless blush architecture and MT locker codes, say they'll admonition him out. I acquaint him that I'm 8-0 and not quitting.

He afresh calls me a cheater! I acquaint him to gtfo and that I'm not quitting, that he's acutely not acceptable abundant to be 11-0.

I said stop whining and crumbling my time and just quit, as at this point he'd acclimated his absolute abeyance timer and every individual time out to it's abounding length.

I told him forward me a screenshot afterwards the bold of his 11-1 record. He accretion to abide calling me a cheater, except now I can't even respond.

I got banned in the boilerplate of our conversation! He appear me for cheating AND caitiff behavior.

I in fact didn't bluff or even anathema or annihilation all I did was alarm him debris because he was whining like a baby. He afresh letters me "I am bigger than you at this game" forth with a screenshot of his 11-1 record.

I acquainted hardly bad, but the actuality of mt nba 2k19 that he got me admonition banned fabricated me killing his dreams a absinthian candied taste.

I've abdicate for affluence of players before... I'm all down for allowance added associates of the community. But this guys aggregation was so bad... he was arena so horrible.

I anticipation no way in hell was he 11-0. I can't even appreciate why Xbox begin it fair to ban me, aural twenty account of the chat as well!