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Nov-09-2018 Categories: news

I'm on adaptable so if the blueprint is wack, I apologize.

So let me alpha by adage I'm a Playmaking Sharpshooter for the Pelicans. I play PG and I'm an 80 OVR. I've played 2K anytime aback 2K11 and the blow is history. But man, I've never struggled so harder to win a bold on HoF. I accept anytime enjoyed The Park or Adjacency and still don't like the actuality I accept to use the adjacency to go to assertive airheaded but that's a affair for accession day.

Here's my dilemma: I'm by no agency the best 2k amateur out there but I do accept a lot of acquaintance with the bold and I could acquisition myself acceptable a majority of amateur on HoF in antecedent years. Basically I can authority my own and afresh some during some games. Currently through 10 amateur in my career, I'm accepting about 22 MPG. My Per 36 min stats are fantastic. 36 PPG, 14 AST, 3 Turnovers. Abundant stats right? A amateur who is amenable for that abounding credibility accept to be breeding some wins right? Wrong.

I'm 1-9 and the abandoned bold I won was adjoin the Nets and I played about 10 annual due to it accepting one of the aboriginal games. And these aren't your accepted 1-3 control games. The arrangement aren't 110-108. I accept been exhausted by 40!! Twice. I regularly get exhausted by at atomic 15-20. I affiance I am not lying and I in actuality don't apperceive why I would lie about accepting exhausted so bad..I aswell haven't been axis the brawl over 6-7 times a game. I've been arena exceptional.

These are my issues with HoF:

1, My aggregation is bottomless if I'm out the game. I get subbed in amateur down 5-24, 10-20, 35-14 etc. In the 1st. If I get subbed aback in afterwards befitting the bold close, they accept accession 15 point lead.

2, My teammates are useless. Lightly contested layup from AD? Nope. Advanced attainable 3 for Mirotic(87 3 pt)? Nope. Grab the arresting board? Nope. Steven Adams managed 8 OReb in a 29 minutes.

3, Takeover doesn't assume to do annihilation whatsoever?

4, My best bold was a 40 Pt, 12 AST, 8 Reb accomplishment adjoin GSW. Score? 155-110.

5, It doesn't bulk if it's Steph or Rondo... the CPU can shoot the lights out. I get it, it's HoF, but players shouldn't play adjoin their strengths and my players shouldn't be ambiguous useless. There are times it is about impossible to stop an abhorrent possession. Already the attempt alarm starts, it's over. I've had Steven Adams cesspool 2 threes in a bold adjoin me with the attempt alarm low. How?

6, This one isn't necessarily based on HoF adversity but wtf us up with assistant brand this year? A about-face murders your brand and on top of that the "allowed annual off of turnover" is inevitable. The added aggregation WILL annual no bulk what off your turnover. Contested or not. So if you about-face the brawl over you are done for brand wise. As a PG, turnovers are traveling to happen. You blow the brawl added than anyone on the court. You try to crossover already aloft the 3 pt band and you are automatically bare and your brand is down. And don't even get me started on "defensive breakdown".

2K... Why can you not accomplish HoF in actuality play like basketball? It feels like 5v1.

TL;DR: I'm not that bad at 2K. I get exhausted by 40's in mycareer. Plz help.