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Nov-07-2018 Categories: news

After finishing the division as the #1 seed, MVP, ROY, DPOY, Amateur of the Ages (every month), 1st Aggregation All-NBA/Defense, NBA Champion, and Finals MVP I still cannot get a aggregation to assurance me to a max accord (1.1k vc per bold and 2x assistant grade multiplier)...

Why accept the options in the bold if they cannot be attained? Don't anguish though; the max VC per bold gets added to 1.1k instead of 1k, but don't try to brace that with the 2x multiplier contrarily every aggregation will act like you asked for the GMs aboriginal born.

I approved blurred the annual with max vc and multiplier. "We're affairs our offer".

I approved blurred the annual and vc but kept the 2x multiplier "We're affairs our offer".

It's about as if they don't ambition bodies to in actuality be able to get the 2x multiplier AND acquire a reasonable bulk of vc per game...

This isn't an affair of bodies simming through and accepting max affairs and demography the simple alley to added vc and MyPoints; this is an affair of aboveboard adage "even if you play every bold and play absolute well, we will not accolade you". Breadth is the accolade for in actuality playing? What is the allurement to play a additional season?


Sorry if I worded that in a ambiguous way. It's not a 2x all-embracing MyPoints multiplier per bold based off of your assistant grade. It is abandoned 2x benefit on the MyPoints you accretion from your assistant grade. They're authoritative you accept amid 500+ VC per bold or 3000 added MyPoints per game...

Also, why can't we appearance the rosters in the agreement menu/be able to leave and attending at rosters/be able to do annihilation but assurance a shitty contract?

2k wants you to absorb VC and time on the game. I would do the 2.0x multiplier tho. You should get bags of VC from incentives from added contracts. I get over 1,700 VC per bold from incentives alone. But those MyPoints are way to valuable.