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​NBA 2K19 - My thoughts and the history of changes in 2K

news Apr-08-2019

​NBA 2K19 - My thoughts and the history of changes in 2K

This is from my own claimed acquaintance so thoughts can alter and aswell let me be clear, this is not a rant.


Offense: In actuality anybody could do EVERYTHING, you could shoot, dribble, dunk, layup, and backlash (except those humans who listened to fredo and didn't advancement rebounding). I bethink if you couldn't hit a MIDRANGE than you were in actuality debris in 15, abandoned barring was if you were lagging.

Defense: In actuality no acknowledgment for offense, the aegis was bulky and you had to jump to challenge shots and even afresh you'd be advantageous to see it miss.

"Cheese" (honestly added like a bluff code) humans ran: 7'3 Demi Gods who were amazing at annihilation they basic to do.


Offense: A lot of iso brawl with two out, potentially awning sets but that was in actuality frowned aloft (because dribbling was in actuality R2 and the adapted stick down into a Jamal Crawford escape usually) and pop the 3 or spam escapes until an abate breaker, a lot of nice counterbalanced (there were as abounding alfresco players as central for the a lot of part) gameplay.

Defense: A huge advance to defense, attempt contests were registering, the three wasn't in actuality OP (unless you played the ballers lol Rivet for life) and for the a lot of allotment you could breach in foreground of your man.

Cheese: Jamal Crawford/Kyrie/Deron Williams escape Maybe a awning every ten or twenty games.

2K17 the bold that sweats arrived

Overall Gameplay changes: Accession of archetypes, admirable badge, hof badges, PARK BADGES (Please accompany those back) and try harder gameplay.

Offense: Lot added 3s, a lot added screens, slashers were still abundantly there, a lot of playmakers, bottle cleaners, slashers and sharps. A lot agency to account and anybody could in actuality do it, they had alien that arrow if you attempt with the stick and it about abandoned every time if you could hit it right, slashers were about affirmed a dunk.

Defense: HUGE upgrade, the abduct became a big aspect of 2K, for guards and assiduously aces abridged was their aboriginal badge, attempt challenge was appealing good, try alienated a awning if you can but you'll apparently be abandoned by hof brick wall, distill gods were all over and it was affirmed abate breaker on you in a 24 additional attempt clock.

Cheese: Attempt creators with bottle cleaners Playmaker isos Sharps with glasses 5 out brawl in rec.


Overall gameplay change: Accession of bifold archetypes, could get hof, gold, argent and brownish badges, layup beat abolished (why?), no parks.

Offense: Lot of screens and threes, attempt creating playmakers ran rampid, slashers died out quick.

Defense: Acceptable enough, centers didn't acquire agitation endlessly layups due to the abridgement of a meter, play larboard adapted on screens, steals were few and far between.

Cheese: Awning and three, bathe and repeat.


Overall change: Reintroduction of archetypes, accession of bifold "takeover" (just a admirable brand with a slight rework)

Offense: The three brawl is massively OP, layups are ok for the a lot of part, acquaintance dunks are questionable, mid ambit for attempt creators was debris for a while, aces and rolls/pick and ancestor are run with a top rate, afterwards a centermost or aciculate there a acceptable adventitious you lose.

Defense: The abduct has already afresh reinvented itself, attempt contests are capricious at times, for three years players acquire backed off none shooters even admitting they could still hit it (the acceptable ones anyway) lockdowns are relevantish.

Cheese: Acclimated to be shoves, currently is a two man awning set for a aciculate or amplitude Ability be time to arouse the iso?

Couple of closing statements: They should reintroduce: Parks Esplanade badges Strange appeal but distill posture.

Introduce: Acquaintance alleyway oops (not all of them acquire to be like Deandre Jordan on Brandon Knight or Giannis OVER Tim Hardaway Jr) Flashy alleyway oop passes (I ambition that Jamal Crawford to Blake Griffin oop) A new alternating esplanade that gives out a arresting accession (always anticipation it was awe-inspiring there wasn't one)

Take out: Esplanade distill moves (they attending air-conditioned but added generally than not you lose the ball) BUT NOT esplanade sizeups The neighborhood, I feel absent afterwards a park.

Gameplay changes Addict to slashers and central players in accepted If a 6'2 authentic aciculate tries laying the brawl up on ANY centermost aloft 7'0 I ambition to see them fall, these bodies aren't fabricated for the acrylic and should be advised like LITTLE BOYS Add a accession for accepting a conflict on breach or aegis (for archetype Steph back-scratch COOKS centers and Embiid BULLIES guards and forwards)

Feel chargeless to altercate or shoot down any of my credibility OR add your own.