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​NBA 2K19 - My bigger affair with 2K - activity of a abandoned player

news Apr-09-2019

​NBA 2K19 - My bigger affair with 2K - activity of a abandoned player

2K needs to actualize a bigger ambiance for humans like me who don't acquire accompany who play the game.

Listen I shouldn't acquire to adapt a 2K meetup on reddit, or affair with humans I apperceive to adore the game. This is the abandoned bold breadth I can't log on and just alpha adequate my experience.

The best archetype I can accord you is Apex which is such a animation of beginning air. I bulk the bold up, columnist triangle and i'm in a bold 4 abnormal later. I get a lot of bad teammates but I get a lot of abundant one's too. I can get in a hundred amateur a night if I basic to.

In 2K I absorb 30 account analytic for a bold just to end up Mt nba 2k19 for sale with complete debris on my aggregation 90% of the time.

No one plays defense, calls for the brawl everytime and chucks up abhorrent shots (2K in a nutshell).

The elite's don't apperceive what's traveling on because they pushed their way to elite.

Even if you administer to acquisition some appropriate teammates afterwards 8 alms trips no one wants to play adjoin you.

I'm Aristocratic 2 95 all-embracing arena with randoms. It's so arresting accepting to accord with this every day though.

I don't apperceive what the band-aid is. Maybe a ranked matchmaking bond you up with bigger players (like every added bold does). Maybe it's the annal that acquire broke park.

Whatever it is 2K for the activity of a abandoned amateur is just depressing.

I've played for 10+ years and it's never been this bad really.