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Feb-11-2019 Categories: news

I abandoned play myleague. TBH the physics and all the altered players playstyles are so atom on this year, and I just adulation fantasy drafts. Aegis and breach assume counterbalanced for the aboriginal time in forever, you can accomplish shots consistently if you are skilled. I play on superstar, I can handle the superstar cheese but not the HOF cheese, it just makes the bold unfun IMO.

I'm 5 years into my admired abstract as the Bulls breadth I chose Embiid, A. Gordon, and Zach Lavine as my top 3 picks. Kevin Knox Covington Exum as next 3 picks. Aboriginal year I simmed and got the #9 aces and drafted a (randomized) baby advanced alleged Jessie Cox (lol) who projected to be a point forward, he had abundant brawl administration and speed.

I concluded up trading Lavine and accompaniment for Beal, afresh afterwards he didn't plan out I traded him and Covington for booker. About in actuality I aces up Sabonis too and he comes off the bench. Calendar now is Exum, Booker, Knox (Who is now about 80 ovr scoring machine) Gordon, Embiid, I yield this aggregation to the appellation with booker averaging 28 as the aboriginal option, Embiid averaging 22 and 14 about 3 blocks.

Gordon accepting an adeptness monster cutting about 39% from 3 and demography abandoned like 8-10 shots a game, Knox runs the coffer usually as the aboriginal advantage with Cox arena point SF, Exum can get to the bassinet and bang out (78 ovr two way) but isn't activated enough.

After acceptable the appellation I barter Gordon AND exum AND Sabonis to bright bacon and for the #1 aces and a a acceptable adolescent PG. The #1 aces is still on a adopted arrangement for a year, but looks like an A+ POT stud so I abstract him and sim the year, the aggregation gets to the finals but looses.

This year I accept the a lot of baffled calendar I've anytime had. Booker at the 1 with 92 ovr and shoots like curry, Marcus Norberg(foreign abstract aces rookie) who is 85 ovr two way 6'8 SG/SF, Jessie Cox(former #9 pick) who is now an 80 OVR abhorrent WEAPON who is faster than Lebron an accomplished brawl abettor a acceptable ballista and accept apostle (C to C+), Kevin Knox at 84 ovr at the 4 who has developed into a accessory apostle (B to B+) and altercation ballista forth with acceptable brawl handling, 7 rebounds a game, and 3 assists, Embiid is now a 95 ovr MONSTER who can yield anyone beneath in the post, beating down 3's, and is 2x DPOY averaging 3 blocks and 2 steals. Averaging about 23 and 14 with 3 assists.

This aggregation is the a lot of fun aggregation I've anytime played, and its even added fun developing rivals. Appropriate now my battling is dallas who has Ben simmons, KD, 2k19 mt and Stephen Adams forth with acceptable roleplayers. Aswell the aggregation Giannis is on is consistently a adversary even admitting his added best amateur is Lonzo and noone on the aggregation can shoot lol.