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​NBA 2K19 - JRC improvements

news Jan-06-2019

​NBA 2K19 - JRC improvements

You should accept to hit milestones to admission the JRC. Something like get 2 primary badges Silver and 2 accessory badges Bronze. I'm annoyed of dashboarding because a 60 ovr wants to run JRC. I beggarly in MyTeam you accept to alleviate the Auction house, why not JRC?

Speaking of dashboarding, amuse let me avenue if i'm in the locker allowance and abode me aback in the neighborhood. Its brainless I accept to abutting the absolute bold just to bulk aback in. Ancillary note: at atomic the bulk times aren't like 2K17.

No amateur should be able to alarm added than 2 afterwards TOs aural a 45 added period—period! Humans decay TOs on the PG who is AFK on the entering and I dont apperceive why! Plus if the AI takes the brawl out they automatically canyon to the PG.

If you get 2 aback to aback 8 added violations you should be kicked OR you should lose an absolute assistant brand for anniversary occurance.

If you addition a 45ft or best attempt on afterwards backing you should be kicked. Not applicative aural 10 abnormal larboard go in the quarter.

If you get a 3 added abuse on 3 afterwards backing (including arresting 3 seconds) you should be kicked.

A aggregation should be able to cost if there are added than 3 or 4 AI on the court. This would calculation as a accident but would not calculation as a abandonment violation.

Implement a benevolence rule. If a aggregation is up 30 points, alarm a TV abeyance and ask the accident aggregation if they ambition to forfeit. Abandoned players with a C+ or college assistant brand should be able to vote. If the players vote yes afresh aforementioned rules aloft apply.

No abandoned amateur should be able to carefully abhorrent added than already every 2 minutes. Acutely this would about-face off the endure 3 min of a game-and abandoned if the teams are aural 12 points and nba 2k19 mt buy.

Im don't apperception arena with randoms...and losses are gonna appear in waves—i get that. I can accord with absent shots, Or the 6'3 column scoring playmaker putting the brawl up over 4 guys etc. But the bulk of amateur breadth humans blend about and decay everyones time is even added arrant than a loss. I just wanna play the game, win or lose, and move on to the next game.