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Feb-12-2019 Categories: news

The Bargain Abode may be the affliction allotment of MyTeam, abnormally in allegory to added amateur Like Madden. These are my annual for how to "fix" the bargain house. Any disagreements? Annihilation you guys would add or accrue the same?

- My Auctions: Aboriginal and foremost... this needs to be removed. We should just be able to seek what a agenda that we're aggravating to advertise is traveling for on the bazaar with a bang of the button, afresh advance to put it up for a specific amount.

In addition, why can we still not put cards up for a minimum of one hour. Why should I accept to delay four corruption hours just to acquisition out my agenda didn't sell. Endure thing... if I accidentally abode a agenda up for auction, or adjudge I don't wish to advertise it anymore, I should be able to abolish it. The downside to this is that players will try to attenuate anniversary added on the market, but that is a baby bulk to pay.

- Bidding: 2K... No one wants to delay four hours for a agenda to advertise if it's avoidable, and players should not accept to affected out in the bargain abode for a agenda that isn't a buy now. 100K 2k19 mt max buy out is way too low and candidly dumb. This was not an affair in antecedent 2Ks, and is an accidental feature.

- Bargain Search: The filters are in fact good, but already you seek there is no way to clarify the cards, and they are consistently listed by time remaining. We should be able to seek by "price", "newest", etc. Plus, we should accept the advantage to analyze a amateur to a amateur in our collection. And why is the bargain abode so slow?! Fix your servers 2K!!!

- Trades: Ok, I affectionate of accept why this isn't in the game... But, trading a Diamond for addition Diamond or Pink Diamond for addition Pink Diamond is altogether reasonable as a restriction. This would appear in accessible for if we end up with a two non-auctionable players that we can't sell.

- Tax: Get rid of it!