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Nov-06-2018 Categories: news

For some acumen I acquisition offline 2K on superstar 100 time harder than Rec and Park. Every time I play the opposing aggregation never lets me get a acceptable advance off afterwards the aboriginal quarter of 2k19 mt, even if alive plays and everything.

Every bold makes me feel furious, affronted and absent to abort my TV. Amy tips for offline 2K?

If you are disturbing to put up 20 PPG afresh go down from superstar.

If you are disturbing to put up 80 PPG afresh access the bold added as what it is: a simulator.

In general, don't force shots. Candidly if you run the plays and stuff, you will not get the brawl on 70% of abetment (unless you're a PG), but you will get accessible shots. Don't drive into the lane or yield contested shots every ascendancy and be abashed if it doesn't go in.

Take advantage of the CPU. It's a CPU, not humans. It has a script. Absorb 100, 200, 300 abetment abandoned alive the pick-and-roll. You will apprentice how to apprehend the CPU like a book. You'll apperceive even afore the awning is set how the defenders will react.

All these things will get you cutting >70% FG allotment while scoring 20-30 credibility per game.

2K is absolute acceptable at backbreaking avidity and impatience. To the point breadth I about accept that if the computer "notices" you Exile shots, they'll stop traveling in. Additional you get algid and accepting if you fuck up on like three abetment in a row.

They said that All-Star was the abutting adversity to absolute NBA so superstar is allegedly hardly unrealistic and accordingly causing you frustration. I apperceive if I play MyTeam on superstar the CPU gets abroad with all kinds of BS.

I acquisition any online access harder than superstar admitting artlessly because the cessation adds a accomplished altered akin of fuckery if your players move like they're walking through mud.