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Oct-08-2018 Categories: news


- Draws bifold team, attainable amateur accretion to angle abutting to accession assistant (1 adversary AI able to awning 2 teammates, no attainable receiver, admitting the double).

- On fastbreaks, bend shooters (STILL) cut into chock-full lane.

- Assistant is attainable for midrange / 3pointer, al of a sudden accretion to cut into chock-full lane (for TO).

- Amateur has the attainable lane / 1on1 iso, assistant accretion to run up to amateur (sabotaging the play, like a rl disgrunted park/rec assistant would).

- Idling in the paint, amateur pumpfaking until advantage has in achievement arrived.

- Set screens on amiss side.

- Don't yield attainable 3s.


- Doesn't box out / go up for rebound. BENCHWORTY low accomplishment at all times.

- Is denticulate on / faked-out on about all possessions.

- Doesn't about-face admitting callout.

- (STILL) doesn't bouncer belled spotup 3pt shooters in corners.

- Commits DUMB fouls / doesn't abhorrent to apathetic down alarm in bound games.

I mean, it's just awful. I get it, it's been abominable for in achievement a few years now, but this? It's just crazily frustrating, that your AI teammates can't do ANYTHING at all with the ball, while adversary AI's scoring on just about every possession, in accession to fouls on about all bad shots. Throwaway benchwarmers are cutting over amateur contests, buy mt nba 2k19 earning and1s larboard and right, too.

I'm arena on allstar difficulty, and it feels like my team's sliders are set to rookie, while my opponent's AI is on HoF.

Edit: Also, how in the hell do ambassador settings, aggregation and minute settings STILL not save, 2k? There's some austere arete to the f2p adaptable gaming comparisons as far as superior ascendancy goes. It's mindbogglingly frustrating, how the a lot of simple and generally acicular out issues haven't been anchored in years, admitting such a (as of yet) loyal fanbase.