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Mar-10-2019 Categories: news

Hi all,

Not too continued ago I fabricated a column allurement for guidance. As a christmas noob who hasn't played 2K for at atomic 5-6 years, I bare advice in my adapted build.

A body that was meant to be played 99,9% of the time "offline" (playing MyCareer NBA games). This is an important point.

As of appropriate now I've got a 6'11, 269 lb and max wingspan defensive/rebounding adeptness forward. 89 overall. Dude is a bang to play. With maxed out airy and block badges (gold) I advance the NBA in points, rebounds and blocks.

Every bold is a block orgy. Nevertheless I accept a problem. That botheration is Hassan fucking Whiteside. Dude is my assistant and he.keeps.getting.all.my.rebounds.

Also, I feel like I accept to action for every rebound. No bulk who I'm against. Even with boosts!! Sometimes Goran Dragic gets rebounds over me. Like WTF? You're a blood-soaked midget compared to me ye fucking cunt.

That's why I started searching at a Glass Cleaner body as a Center. I'm absitively on aggravating this body and yield Hassan's role as the starting center. That will advise that cheap mt nba 2k19 humongous motherfucker to not snatch my boards.

Nevertheless I'm torn with what to chose with this body height/weight wise.

The activity I adulation about my PF is his activity and how fast the dude is. With traveling big, I don't ambition to be a letargic and apathetic big man that gasses out quickly.

That's why, 2k Gods, I appear to you with this question. What should I chose?

7'0/7'1 or 7'3? With 7'3 i'm abashed i'll be to apathetic and will deplet my backbone too fast. While with 7'1 i'm abashed of Hassan.

With weight, appealing abundant the same. I wanna be fast and strong. Not fat.

Please advice me out.

Payback is a allegation Hassan. Watch me get 20 rebounds per bold from the bench. Bitch.