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Jan-12-2019 Categories: news

Hi everyone,

Every time a Locker Cipher is released, there is a blitz of posts aggravating to be first. There's been an in abashing the endure 2 weeks about why assertive posts were removed as reposts and 2k19 mt others were larboard up. A lot of of these were accurately removed but a few were removed in absurdity and we apologize.

I anticipation it'd be accessible to explain how we aces which column to approve. I will aswell be authoritative abiding that the complete mod aggregation enforces these guidelines accurately.

Here is what we appraise in adjustment of priority. Please agenda that Reddit's spam clarify sometimes automatically approves/removes things that we don't accede with so a ailing formatted column may be briefly larboard up while a able-bodied formatted column is briefly removed. We about consistently manually analysis all posts and accomplish our own selections already a mod is online.


In accession to our complete column appellation guidelines which you can see in our Rules, we adopt Locker Cipher posts with apple-pie and abridged titles. Copy/pasting @NBA2K_MyTEAM's Tweet is usually not the cleanest column appellation aback they cover lots of fluff.

Here's an archetype of some Tweets adapted to adequate column titles.

"TDIH Locker Cipher - On this day in NBA history, the @DetroitPistons retired Hall of Fame centermost Bob Lanier's jersey #16 at halftime of the Pistons-Warriors game. Grab his agenda now which is accessible for 1 week!" → "Locker Cipher - Diamond Bob Lanier, cipher accessible for 1 week."

"Locker Cipher - Use this cipher for affirmed tokens and a attempt at up to 20 of them. Cipher accessible for 1 week" → "Locker Cipher - Use this cipher for affirmed tokens and a attempt at up to 20 of them. Cipher accessible for 1 week".


A hotlink column will be accustomed over an angel column because it includes the timestamp the cipher was arise and provides the aboriginal source.

In the case that every column fabricated is an angel post, an angel adored from Twitter will be accustomed over a buzz screenshot.


This one is appealing self-explanatory. The column that is fabricated aboriginal will be approved.


This is absolute rare, but has happened before. In the case that two users column at the exact above second, the column from the user with academy coffer user ability will approved.