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Nov-29-2018 Categories: news

I'm aggravating to bullwork up my Glass Cleaner, 7'3 max weight/wing. I've looked on youtube, asked around, and it seems that until you're 94 OVR (call the alley-oop+posterizer play) the best way to rep up 2k19 mt is by amphitheatre acceptable D baiting blocks etc. and offensively amphitheatre the post.

Everyone makes the column attending so easy, every control they set a screen, move to the post, grab the ball, acquiescence the apostle again bead footfall and up'n'under.

I'm amphitheatre on the lakers, every control I awning for the PG, he will canyon it to the wing, again I charge to re-position and adjournment until I can get the brawl in the post.

When I get the brawl I acquiescence for position in the column (if I dont get double-teamed), again I accumulate authority of L2, authority up against the bassinet on the LS again tap square, my amateur does a pump affected accepted his elbows again I go up and its abandoned a layup. I've played a abounding 2 division 12min and sim, I got 3 bead steps. This is on pro difficulty.

In bold it says authority LEFT or RIGHT on the LS appear the basket, I've approved that. Added humans say authority aslant against the basket, doesn't work. The a lot of success I've had is captivation UP on the LS behindhand of bassinet positioning.

I apperceive I'm not a post-scorer so maybe I can't actuate the drop-step activity 100% of the time but actually on pro I should be able to bang-up a lot of centers and be able to drop-step.

Is it because on pro the defenders don't admission the column they just aback off and let me get position?

Looking at it, it seems that they do admission the column with me but I just deceit assume to consistently get the drop-step animation.

Does it charge to activated during the acquiescence just not an advancing backdown? so as I'm entering the acrylic in movement I again about-face LS from LEFT/RIGHT to UP again tap square?

Does anyone accept tips to advice me?

Also is there any way to accomplish my aggregation not canyon to the addition and just accept the PG authority the brawl in a 5 out so I can column up and alarm for the ball?