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Jan-11-2019 Categories: news

I've been ashore on the "East/West All Time Champions" amateur all day and deceit get abundant MT to progress. No bulk what I do the CPU array about every individual time on offense, whether it's a fabricated attempt or a absent attempt area the abhorrent backlash avalanche altogether into their easily for a put aback or foul. My breach is usually solid, I can put up 60-70+ credibility a bold no problem. I'm alive Diamond Kyrie, Amy Vince, Amy Luka, PD Blake, and Amy Mark Eaton. Any tips are absolute abundant accepted as I am angry rn.

I assuredly exhausted Fantasy Domination endure week, and if I can exhausted it afresh anyone can. I do not accept admission to Bargain & I don't plan on it aback I don't accept PSN & I debris to absorb money on 2k abreast from the concrete archetype of the game. I'll adequate address a added abundant column about my acquaintance assault Domination afterwards Bargain approach at a afterwards time (I cannot acknowledge the Brand arrangement & account locker codes enough). I about could abandoned use cards from locker codes, brand rewards, & packs.

Back to Fantasy Domination, the aggregation I acclimated consisted of PD Magic, Amy Rudy, Amy Nance, Diamond Petit, Amy Eaton, Ruby Rick Barry, Heat Check LeBron, Ruby Chamberlain, Ruby Gilmore, Ruby Eddie Jones, & 3 Brownish cards.

Breakdown of the team:

PD Abracadabra (Locker code) - is a barbarian & I anticipate he's the best accolade from the PD locker code. I appealing abundant acclimated him to column up whenever there was a mismatch.

Amy Rudy (Token) - Defends Michael Jordan absolute well. MJ tend to column up on beneath players attention him, but not Rudy who aswell has Arresting Admiration badge.

Amy Nance (Token) - This guy can avert & play SF, PF, & C. I use him at the 3 & 4 depending on who he needs to guard. He defends adjoin MJ & John absolute well, in accession to attention opponent's PF. So adversary cannot crop advantage of any mismatches with Nance on the field.

Diamond Petit (locker code) - Abundant Stretch 4. I sometimes use Ruby Chamberlain at the 4 if Duncan to bout up height-wise and if Duncan gets hot.

Amy Eaton (Domination Reward) - I play off-ball Aegis with him at the Centermost position & he's great. Abandoned slight admonition is that Ruby Gilmore, I feel, is added alive & I about-face amid the 2 depending on activity akin & opponent's Centermost on field.

Ruby Rick Barry (Token) - Folks allegation to acknowledge this guy more. I acclimated him a lot at the PG position; he's a 6'8 amateur with a 89 acceleration & 90 steal. This guy is a gem for those that cannot admission bargain and get bigger players for cheap.

He's abundant for me - a advanced with the acceleration & abduct of a bouncer alternating w/ adapted passing.

Ruby Eddie Jones (Token) - I affirm this guy plays bigger than his Ruby tier. Admitting he's not that abundant at arresting MJ all the time, he's still a abundant arresting amateur that matches up absolute well.

Ruby Chamberlain (Locker Code) - Matches up adjoin Tim Duncan absolute well. I consistently use him at the 4 to bifold aggregation the opponent's brawl abettor whenever Duncan is abreast the 3 point band aback he cannot shoot 3s. I do not use him at the 4 if the opponent's PF can shoot 3s.

Ruby Gilmore (Token) - I feel like he's added alive than Amy Eaton. I tend to use him mainly if Amy Eaton rests, but I aswell sub him in if Eaton is disturbing whether it's could cause of acceleration or etc

Heat Check LeBron (from Packs) - I got advantageous with affairs LeBron from Heat Check packs. He's adequate at mismatches at the 1 position, but a adequate accession is Ruby Scottie Pipen from Tokens.

Overall I anticipate I've absent at atomic 7 times (if you calculation the times I just abdicate the bold if adversary is up by 8-10 points), & I assuredly exhausted it if I adored the Amy Larry Nance agenda & played him at the 3/4.

Admonition application Nance is that his abridgement of 3 arrow shooting, but he defends position 3 to 5, and has both arresting admiration & Rim Protector badges. FYI - I aswell pulled 2 Amy Vince Carters from the packs (I should be blessed but because I cannot admission auction, I accept him sitting in bargain to save amplitude & as a allowance action in case he gets injured), 2k19 mt but absitively to sub him out for Nance. I got too agitated abroad aggravating to douse w/ Carter all the time & didn't accede added cards that had bigger aegis than him.