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Dec-04-2018 Categories: news

Let me alpha off by adage I'll be honest, idk if I acquire my facts 100% but so what sue me.

Now I accept that 2k does a lot of brainless accepting but I anticipate the problems I'm about to allocution about could be calmly anchored but will not because 2k alone cares about tge business and not 50/50 business and customer satisfaction:

1, Why do I charge to delay 24 hours to use circadian spin? I see no acumen why it deceit be done by the absolute day not by the time you did it last. Theres abounding times if I airing in and decay my time because I get the bulletin that I already acclimated it. Now I acquire to try to bethink if I acclimated it and delay till that time and by afresh I overlook and now I absent out on an item. Does 2k not apprehend that this is not a job for us, we dont "clock in" to play 2k at the aforementioned time anniversary day.

What if I plan in the morning one day and play at night and afresh i deathwatch up next day to play afore I plan at night? Now I just absent out on added stuff. This complaint may accept atomic but I accept it shows that they dont affliction about us because even baby aspects of the bold are not customer friendly.

2, Accession affair I don't decidedly like is how you alone get one circuit per account. Id be accept with this if all characters accustomed the annual or whatever you won. Or acquiesce all characters to get a spin. With this complaint I can affectionate of accept breadth 2k is advancing from as a business with commendations to giving out vc to all of the players you actualize but that wouldn't be an affair with the aboriginal band-aid I mentioned which was acceptance all players to accept the item. This botheration makes it accept like 2k alone wants you to play on one amateur and not get the abounding abeyant out of the game.

Again, I accept these issues adeptness be brainless and 2k19 mt atomic but in my arch atleast, they are baby examples of how 2k doesn't consistently try its best at allowance the consumers.