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Nov-28-2018 Categories: news

Bored at work, absitively to do an classic adviser for accepted players.

Most players deceit be done by just bifold archetypes but actuality are the abutting for some of my admired players per NBA aggregation IMO:

Atlanta Hawks Trae Young - Sharpshooting Playmaker.

Boston Celtics Kyrie Irving - Playmaking Attempt Creator Jayson Tatum - Sharpshooting Attempt Creator Al Horford - Column Scoring Rim Protector.

Brooklyn Nets D'Angelo Russell - Playmaking Attempt Creator.

Charlotte Hornets Kemba Walker - Sharpshooting Playmaker.

Chicago Bulls Zach Lavine - Slashing Sharpshooter.

Cleveland Cavaliers Kevin Adulation - Rebounding Stretch Four.

Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic - Attempt Creating Playmaker Dirk Nowitzki - Sharpshooting Column Scorer DeAndre Jordan - Rebounding Rim Protector Harrison Barnes - Sharpshooting Slasher.

Denver Nuggets Nikola Jokic - Playmaking Column Scorer/Plamaking Stretch Jamal Murray - Playmaking Attempt Creator Gary Harris - Slashing Sharpshooter Paul Millsap - Two Way Column Scorer.

Detroit Pistons Blake Griffin - Attempt Creating Athletic Finisher Andre Drummond - Glass Cleaner.

Golden Accompaniment Warriors Steph Curry - Sharpshooting Playmaker/Pure Sharp Klay Thompson - Two Way Sharp/Pure Sharp Kevin Durant - Sharpshooting Attempt Creator Draymond Green - Playmaking Defender.

Houston Rockets Chris Paul - Attempt Creating Playmaker James Harden - Playmaking Attempt Creator Clint Capela - Two Way Rebounder.

Indiana Pacers Victor Oladipo - Slashing Attempt Creator.

Los Angeles Clippers Tobias Harris - Sharpshooting Attempt Creator/Slashing Attempt Creator Lou Williams - Sharpshooting Attempt Creator.

Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James - Slashing Point Forward/Post Scoring Point Advanced Lonzo Brawl - Two Way Playmaker Josh Hart - Slashing Sharpshooter Brandon Ingram - Attempt Creating Slasher Kyle Kuzma - Slashing Stretch Four Rajon

Rondo - Accurate Playmaker.

Memphis Grizzlies Mike Conley - Two Way Playmaker Marc Gasol - Two Way Column Scorer.

Miami Heat Goran Dragic - Attempt Creating Playmakee Josh Richardson - Sharpshooting Apostle Hassan Whiteside - Rebounding Rim Protector.

Milwaukee Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo - Two Way Slasher/Playmaking Slasher Eric Bledsoe - Two Way Playmaker Khris Middleton - Two Wasy Sharp Brook Lopez - Accurate Stretch Five.

Minnesota Timberwolves Karl Anthony Towns - Sharpshooting Column Scorer Derrick Rose - Attempt Creating Playmaker Andrew Wiggins - Attempt Creating Slasher.

New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis - Attempt Creating Rim Protector/Shot Creating Athletic Finisher Jrue Holiday - Playmaking Apostle Julius Randle - Rebounding Athletic Finisher.

New York Knicks Trey Burke - Sharpshooting Playmaker Frank Ntilikina - Accurate Lock (lmao) Enes Kanter - Glass Cleaner Kristaps Porzingis - Slashing Stretch Four.

Oklahoma City Thunder Russell Westbrook - Attempt Creating Playmaker/Playmaking Slasher Paul George - Sharpshooting Attempt Creator/Slashing Sharpshooter Steven Adams - Rebounding Rim Protector.

Orlando Abracadabra Nic Vucevic - Attempt Creating Column Scorer Aaron Gordon - Sharpshooting Athletic Finisher Evan Fournier - Attempt Creating Sharpshooter.

Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid - Attempt Creating Column Scorer Ben Simmons - Slashing Point Advanced Jimmy Butler - Two Way Attempt Creator JJ Redick - Accurate Sharp.

Phoenix Suns Devin Booker - Sharpshooting Attempt Creator DeAndre Ayton - Rebounding Column Scorer Trevor Ariza - Sharpshooting Defender.

Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard - Sharpshooting Playmaker/Playmaking Attempt Creator CJ McCollum - Attempt Creating Sharpshooter Jusuf Nurkic - Column Scoring Rebounder.

Sacramento Kings De'Aaron Fox - Attempt Creating Playmaker Willie Cauley Stein - Two Way Rebounder.

San Antonio Spurs Lamarcus Aldridge - Attempt Creating Column Scorer Demar Derozan - Slashing Attempt Creator.

Toronto Raptors Kawhi Leonard - Attempt Creating Apostle Kyle Lowry - Two way Playmaker/Sharpshooting Playmaker Serge Ibaka - Two Way Stretch Four.

Utah Jazz Ricky Rubio - Accurate Playmaker Donovan Mitchell - Attempt Creating Slasher Joe Ingles - Playmaking Sharpshooter Rudy Gobert - Rebounding Rim Protector.

Washington Wizards John Wall - Slashing Playmaker Bradley Beal - Attempt Creating Sharpshooter Dwight Howard - Slashing Rebounder.

Some Legends: Michael Jordan - Slashing Attempt Creator Young Kobe Bryant - Slashing Attempt Creator Old Kobe Bryant - Column Scoring Attempt Creator / Accurate Attempt Creator Hakeem Olajuwon - Two Way Column Scorer/Pure Column Scorer

Shauille O'neal - Slashing Rebounder.