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​NBA 2K19 - 3 additional rule

news Apr-12-2019

​NBA 2K19 - 3 additional rule

Is there a way to attenuate the '3 additional rule' in 2K19 My Career Mode? So, afore I get accused of absent to cheat, let me explain.

I'm arena as a max-height, max-weight centre, a Shaquille O'Neal body if you will, anyone who's acceptable at abetment there apostle down in the paint, demography the brawl beeline to the basket, a accustomed big man if you will.

The downside to that of beforehand is that my acceleration and athleticism, at atomic in the prologue afore I accept had a adventitious to absorb any VC, is about next to nil.

As a aftereffect of this there accept been added than a bulk of occasions in breadth I accept begin myself amphibian alfresco of the 'restricted area', I'll go to accomplish a run at the bassinet or accessible some space, go to yield a attack and fail, and just before I can balance get alleged for a 3 additional violation, this is of beforehand even worse if you're aggravating to accomplish amplitude and the arresting amateur is captivation you aback central the area, you can't move and you can't get past of nba 2k19 mt, even with my size, weight and credible strength.

It's annoying af and to be absolutely honest I just ambition to about-face it off and be done with it, does anyone apperceive a way this can be done?

I apperceive you can do it in accustomed exhibition mode, but I don't apperceive if it's accessible to do it in My Career Mode.

I will aswell analyze that I'm not absent to necessarily do this if I'm arena multiplayer, I would just like to do it for my own annual in individual player.