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​NBA 2K19 - 2k is accepting actually apathetic with Historic teams

news Apr-26-2019

​NBA 2K19 - 2k is accepting actually apathetic with Historic teams

I will never criticize them for not accepting the rights to players, because who knows what goes on abaft the scenes.

The issues I acquire with them is they aren't even putting the players they acquire in the bold on the teams!

- Antawn Jamison: added on 4/12 but never to All-time Wizards.

- Matt Barnes: Added to bequest playoff packs but never added aback to the 2007 Warriors.

- Nazr Mohammed: Added to the 2012 Thunder, but not the 2005 Spurs for which he even started finals amateur for (they aswell acquire a air-conditioned attenuate roster).

- Jannero Pargo: Been in MyTeam aback the alpha of the cycle, but not added to 2008 Hornets or 2004 Lakers.

- Brian Cook: In abstract class, but not added to 2004 Lakers.

- Jason Collins: In abstract class, but missing from 2002 Nets.

- Hedo Turkoglu: Added to All-time Magic, but still missing from 2002 Kings.

- Ronnie Brewer: Actually got permission to use his rights from Twitter. He is even in the bold files but they will not add him to the 2011 Bulls.

I apperceive this allotment of the bold doesn't accomplish them money and a lot of humans don't care, nba 2k19 mt but it just bothers me how abundant they discount this stuff.