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Dec-06-2018 Categories: news

2K abutment has advised me absolute able-bodied this year, but it would be nice if I didn't accept to acquaintance them already a anniversary to get the rewards I earned. I accept been admiring of 2K this year.

In my opinion, this is the best 2K I've played in a continued time. I abandoned play MyCareer and MyTeam so complaints about Esplanade do not administer to my acquaintance at least.

2K abutment has absolutely stepped it up this year with the reside babble feature. I consistently get a rep aural 1 minute and my affair is bound aural 10-15 minutes. Generally they go aloft and above the adapted revolution, but it's still arresting to accept to acquaintance them so frequently.

My aboriginal acquaintance this year was not acceptable because I contacted them about the bare Gatorade checks and they banned to accommodate advantage because it was a accepted bug. Every time I've contacted them afterwards that, they've accustomed me my missing rewards and afresh some.

Anytime my MyTeam matches don't count, they usually bung me 5-10K MT and sometimes a alliance pack. Even admitting I absolutely abandoned absent about 1K MT and 30 min of my time, they compensated me adequately in my opinion. I've had to acquaintance them 5-6 times but every time they've accustomed me added than I lost.

The added day I contacted them about my 30 VC per bottomless 3 for my shoe arrangement and they abandoned gave me the VC I was missing for that bold (750) due to the bug. Demography 15 min out of my day to get 750 aback is counter-productive, that's why I consistently acknowledge if they accord me more.

Today, I won abduction the flag, but got aught VC. I uploaded the proof, logged on to babble and aural 5 annual they had put 10K VC in my account. This is abundant and I absolutely acknowledge them giving me added than what I adapted because of the aggravation of accepting to log on to the chat.

With that accepting said, why does this appear so frequently? I apperceive if it's accident to me this generally that it happens to you guys all the time too.

On PS4, I consistently analysis anon if I got my rewards and if not I save the video, trim, upload to YouTube immediately. It's a aloft affliction in the ass, admitting accepting abundant rewards if talking with 2K chat with 2k19 mt, I'd rather just get my able rewards and not accept to acquaintance them. This is accident way too generally in a bold that relies so heavily on its basic currency.