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MMOgo NBA 2K18 MT - Feel bad for Giannis. Bucks got Brandon Ingram and benched Giannis. He has now won 6th man of the year 5 times in a row. In what cosmos does Ingram alpha over Giannis? That's right, 2k universe.

The amateur spots for my gm are so dumb. It has issues with things like accepting 2 centers play PF/C or active 2 pgs as your 1 and 2. Was consistently accepting to fix the rotation.

I dont accept you can adapt the players in mygm, adeptness be amiss though.

You can't adapt attributes or badges but you can a lot of absolutely change positions and numbers! Just did it beforehand this morning with draymond blooming (moved him to C).

You can adapt their position. For instance, if I barter for a team's 1st annular aces and badly wish them to fail, I go yield their best players and put them at wonky positions so their all-embracing is lower.

Hence, you get an Atlanta Hawks aggregation with Dwight Howard at PG and Dennis Schroder arena Center.

How did Giannis backslide to an 85? Freak injuries?

No I started from endure off-season area he was an 84 with 85 potential. In actuality bugs me how they don't go aback and adapt their abeyant if starting from offseason.

At atomic they still kept him. In one of MyCareers, he active with Golden State and Durant went to the Lakers. They benched Ingram and he ashen abroad on their bench.

The guy thats the admeasurement of a centermost with the accomplishment of a PG gets benched becasue they accept addition 3.

That's in actuality trance, in my my alliance Giannis has won the MVP 4 years in a row.

That's because you acclimated the adapted rosters, and this guy acclimated alpha in the offseason.

In my Bucks MyLeague I got Ingram too- concluded up affective G to PF and trading Parker, concluded up in a appealing abundant situation.

This is allegedly OT, Buy NBA 2K18 MT but Giannis is the abandoned amateur I've anytime gone cool abysmal in MyGM with. He concluded up acceptable 14 titles.