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NBA 2K - Will do time codes for 2k17

Looks like the accomplished "Weekly Challenges accepting appear in bulk" was BS? The 10 new challenges in this Tweet WILL be advancing out, there is no aberration here. LD2K has accomplished out to devs about whether old challenges will aswell be re-released,will amend soon.

If they're alone absolution 10 tokens' annual I'm traveling to absence PD Pettit by one token. Amazing.

Re-releasing the old challenges would accept fabricated too abundant sense, I guess.

First, they promised no added fastest typer bs on locker codes. they will do time codes for 2k17. did they do that? nope!

Now, a few weeks back, promised to dump the annual for anybody to bolt up. Afresh confused the dump date to the 27th. And afresh a anniversary afore release, no we obly absolution 10 new annual challenges. Epic fail!

Why even accompaniment something and afresh not commit? If in the aboriginal abode they said, we will accord a adventitious and put in 10 added annual challenges. Afresh that is fine. But to mislead humans is just absolute bs and arbitrary fo the community.

Oh well, it is 2k. (I just ambition we will never accept to argue ourselves with this phrase.)

I kinda chock-full arena the weeklys a ages ago if they said they were traveling to be rereleasing them. Now I will not even accept abundant to get to reed if they alone absolution 10.

I alone started arena myteam about Christmas time so I was already abaft and aback I don't accept broad time to play I just kinda put the weeklys off to the ancillary as I accomplished Dom/historic Dom. If they said they were traveling to rerelease I was geeked and anticipation I was traveling to accept 30+ hours of alone amateur agreeable but nope.

This is abundant for anyone who has been arena aback the alpha but that 2K18 MT Coins in actuality alone allowances a baby articulation of the amateur abject imo. Theres in actuality not abundant point in me arena them at this point aback the amateur rewards aren't abundant better than annihilation that's on the bazaar atm.