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NBA 2K - Why is the myteam endgame even fun

I accept the amusement abaft the card-collection aspect of it, but for the complete gameplay itself, shouldn't it be acutely stale?

This is my additional year with it, NBA 2K17 MT Coins and I've noticed that I've alone enjoyed it the a lot of if I'm aboriginal starting out with a band of scrubs.

I in actuality had to apprentice my players' strengths and weaknesses and try to apparatus a strategy.

Doesn't a god band in actuality defeat the purpose abaft team-building?

Since the endgame players are adequate at everything, shouldn't it abort any faculty of individuality of the players?

If I capital to feel overpowered, why wouldn't I just use a agenda of 99 overalls in Myleague?

I'm still alive through the online leagues so the bullwork for PD Tim Duncan is fun to me.

Also, the fantasy agenda abstraction of accession cards is fun. Even afterwards I'm accomplished cutting for rewards I'll still accept fun arena adjoin accompany with a brace altered themed teams.

1,College themed teams: I'm a big UNC fan, I've got a acquaintance who is a Michigan Accompaniment Grad and addition acquaintance who brand application all-embracing players. We try and body the best teams we can aural these ambit and go adjoin anniversary other.

2,Fantasy basketball rosters: I'm in a fantasy basketball alliance with the aforementioned accompany from aloft so if I'm blame their ass in fantasy basketball they accomplish the altercation that if their players were all in actuality on the aforementioned aggregation together they would accept the bigger team. So we congenital out our fantasy teams to in actuality play adjoin anniversary other.

We've aswell done tiered teams (ruby and beneath only, etc.) This all hinges on accepting humans you apperceive to play adjoin though.

I can brainstorm it does get appealing dried afterwards that and already you've accustomed all of the rewards you ambition to get.

At that point I'd just blend about aperture packs and architecture MT through the bargain house.