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NBA 2K - Who are the best rubies

Who are the best rubies, or annual beasts in anniversary position? I acquire about 200k NBA 2K MT Bill to spend. Even admitting I'm accepting fun with my All Spurs Aggregation I wish to change it up NBA 2K17 MT and I'm alone in the gold league.

So I wish to use annual teams also. I apperceive some rubies or added cards are still actual big-ticket because of overpricing and the Celebrated sets so amuse none of them even if they are great.

I don't even apperception out of position recommendations. I plan to do a 10 man rotation.

Here is my rotation:

All Ruby's BTW PGs: Patrick Beverley (he is a exhausted at aegis and hits his shots), Daniel Gibson (offensive superstar), and Jeff Hornaceck (he's in actuality a SG but a acceptable disciplinarian and boilerplate defender; acceptable off the distill too) SGs: Malcom Brogdon (this guy is in actuality unstoppable for me; I'll shoot crazy 3 pt shots and they go in, abundant defender, and appropriate driver), Zach Lavine (mediocre apostle but is acceptable from 3 pt land, hits a lot of off distill shots, and is phenomenal at active and dunking; even if he misses, he about consistently gets chargeless throws), and Louis Williams (I play him at the SF because he is an amazing bend ballista and can drive well; he has acceptable abundant aegis to stop acceptable SF even admitting he is small) SF: Joe Johnson (decent at everything) and Jaylen Brown (he is expensive, but his lockdown D and abundant active is annual it; aswell about acceptable 2 pt shooter) PF: Jabari Parker (rebound and aegis is amazing and a abundant shooter; abominably a little baby but a abundant amplitude forward) and Robert Horry (actually a SF but is so alpine and gets his rebounds; aegis is a little defective but is about acceptable in the cavalcade and shoots lights out) C:Tristan Thompson (great all about in the post, defensively, and with rebounds) and Jokic (good rebounder and in the post, although alone characterless defense; aswell can shoot abundant for a centermost and plays as a acceptable amplitude center/big; aswell a good PF fyi)

Bruh. Lou will can in fact not play the baby forward. He will get eaten animate by anyone. In actuality any baby advanced (most cutting guards and point guards too) in the game.

For me he array 15 a bold forth with some assists and rebounds. Even admitting he has kinda bad defense, it isn't terrible.