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Dec-07-2017 Categories: news

Tl;dr: I anticipation a average weight bottle would get 99 backbone but he doesn't. What should I do to get the a lot of able glass? (I.e accomplish a added one of NBA 2K18 MT, the backbone doesn't matter, etc)

Hey guys, this is the 3rd column I've fabricated about this affair and it's in actuality starting to piss me off now. I fabricated a column allurement what weight I should go with on a bottle cleaner to accept the a lot of acceleration I can get while aswell accepting 99 strength.

2kLabs allegedly said that a 7'3” bottle at average weight will get 99 backbone already you get the 3 capbreakers for strength, but for whatever reason, I got a backbone cap breaker (mind you I had 84 backbone max afterwards any capbreakers) and already I added the aspect it abandoned went up to 86.

What the hell is this? Thankfully I haven't in actuality spent any vc on this appearance but seriously? I apperceive that you can get the 4 and 5 point capbreakers depending on the aspect and classic but there is in actuality no way I can get 99 strength unless the next one is 6 credibility and the endure one is 7.

All ante cedent attributes would go up by 1-3 credibility each. What I ambition to apperceive is should I even try to get a lower weight or should I just go max?

I don't ambition to accomplish addition fucking appearance as I've already fabricated 4 aggravating to acquisition the appropriate weight, and I've had to sit through all the brainless fucking cutscenes so abounding times already.

I could go on my 315lb bottle which will get about 95-97 backbone depending on how abundant he gets from the endure 3 capbreakers or should I go 325 and just stick with it?

Tip from addition redditor on this sub that i got, u can in actuality see the attributes (without cap breakers) for any amateur of any weight by arena 2k offline. There will not be any cutscenes if u actualize a career offline.

That does help, but should I just accept that the capbreakers for backbone are just traveling to be 2-3 credibility behindhand of weight? Also, if I actualize a appearance offline, will I be able to use him in mycareer if I go aback online?

If max str is a big affair for you, i'd go max weight. Im with you on that, i in actuality don't bulk that added 1 or 2 acceleration u will accept at 315 lbs over added max weight Cs.

It's about apparent in this game, just ask all those guys who got fucked cerebration they will accept a massive acceleration advantage and fabricated beneath or low weight Cs.

No, you can't, you accept to go aback online and accomplish a new book if im not wrong.