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Mar-26-2017 Categories: news

Basically what happend is I fabricated a video that was a funny moments montage of LSK and he DM'd me on cheep allurement me if he could column it on his channel.

Proof So he acquaint the video and put me on the endure band of the description and didn't acknowledgment me at all in the video.

I was accomplished with that because I didn't specify it, but I affected he wouldn't. So what I did is I acquaint a animadversion adage that I edited it, and he deleted it.

I approved searching at it from assorted accounts added than my own, and I deceit acquisition it. It got 62 brand so it should be a top comment.

I don't apperceive how to feel about this what do you guys think? In absolute I got about 30 angle from him "crediting" though.

I get it if he doesn't acclaim me at all could could could could could cause it's his videos, but he went out of his way to annul my comment. That's some scumbag shit.

I'd be upset. Actually abhorrent and I will not anytime abutment him afterwards audition this.

That's some petty shit. It's not even difficult to accord the accepting credit. Why did he annul your comment? What does he accept to accretion from it? Douchebag move man. Hope all works out.

I anticipate it was because humans were adage he should accept accustomed me in the video. Able-bodied I beggarly he did accord you acclaim in the description so I don't apperceive what the botheration is Cheapest NBA 2K18 MT.

He put it at the basal of the description tho. that's appealing abundant like not crediting me at all tbh could could could could could cause cipher looks at descriptions. Aswell I would've been accomplished with it if he didn't annul my animadversion adage that I edited it.