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NBA 2K - What a shitty aggregation of mods

My mt balance were in afterwards order. Anticipation it was agilely interesting, but I don't anticipate r/mildlyinteresting would affliction too abundant for it.

It would get deleted aback you're not accustomed to column screenshots. I should know, I got banned because of that.

I abstruse it the harder way. And if you wish to get unbanned you accept to delay 6 months and afresh acquisition 3 posts that breach the rules but weren't bent by the mods. So basically you charge to be a snitch.

That's the dumbest aphorism I accept anytime heard. What a shitty aggregation of mods. Maybe you got banned bc of one of them.

So what are we declared to column there...Pictures I suppose, just not screenshots ie pictures taken of a buzz or tv screen.

I get why they wouldn't acquiesce screenshots (people can photoshop) but banning seems a bit overboard.

TFW a video bold has added accepted faculty than people. As a Hawks fan it's aswell accepted faculty not to accept Dwight on your aggregation and to do annihilation attainable to abolish him.

As a Laker fan, I in actuality agree. It's sad to say two of the best big men in the alliance are aswell the a lot of baneful players to accept on the aggregation (Dwight and Cousins).

The botheration is that 2K is bold Dwight is still advised a admired asset these days.

DeAndre Jordan - 12/13/2 = All Star

Dwight Howard 13/13/1 = trash

He's in fact not the amateur he was in Orlando, but he's still far from worthless. He's valuable, just not $23.5mil valuable.

Same affair with LA bruh. To get DLo i had to accord up Jeremy Lin, Trevor Booker, Brook Lopez, Caris LeVert and ahout 3 aboriginal annular picks.

I'm abiding 2k doesn't absorb absolution cap amplitude into the AI accommodation making to Buy NBA 2K17 MT Coins.