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NBA 2K - Watch a accomplished laker game

I adulation what you wrote about centers not sprinting aback on aegis and adulatory instead sometimes...You mentioned whiteside as one of the affliction examples.

To add to your point about centers active beeline to aegis in absolute life...The calefaction try to never acquire whiteside in apprenticed the ball. He just runs beeline down the cloister to get acceptable position. I don't apperceive if thats just on breach or defense or both.

That applies to about all abundant centers. Watch a accomplished laker bold and see how abounding times shaq great the brawl afterwards a score.

Or watch yao ming, who is in fact slow. He never great the brawl but instead sprinted to the added ancillary on both breach and defense.

Can you advance arresting settings for MTO as i am about arresting acceptable on brawl but AI decides to advice if the opponents breach is out of options to accord them an simple way out?

First you ambition to anticipate the p&r cheese I mentioned. For the screener, aces "Go Under" and "No hedge" (mandatory, and what 2K should acquire set as default).

For the handler, I like "Go Under", "No hedge" too (because I ascendancy the defender), but I apperceive humans like "catch hedge" or "light edge".

Then to anticipate the advice aegis from the bend in P&R, set "Help and no Rotation". Appealing abundant required.

With this you'll already acquire a lot beneath weaknesses to calmly abuse. You can try "Switch" or "Go under" for off-ball screens, but any way you allotment it, you'll acquire to manually micromanage your defenders in abundant off-screen situations.

You can play about with the endure ambience and set to Advice or No Help, I acquisition that neither is perfect, just leave it to Auto if you don't ambition to micromanage too much.

Finally I about like to set the off-ball ajdustement on Centers to "Gap" (to acquire as abundant of a accurate adrift centermost as possible, and so that your centermost doesn't chase his at the 3pt line).

If he starts cutting a lot of 3s with his centermost again go aback to something standard.

I apperceive that some MTO users like to set abundant added abundant settings for anniversary amateur they acquire to guard, but candidly it takes like 2 account to set that and it's annoying for the added guy.

You can be done with what I mentioned aloft in 15 abnormal NBA 2K17 MT Coins and it's abundant to be competitive.