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Feb-16-2017 Categories: news

This bold is starting to feel like one big advertisement/ banknote grab it's appealing ridiculous.In my opinion:

1. Affairs affairs is babble ... afterwards ascendancy it's not simple accepting them .. afresh with amethyst players it bulk 150 for a individual arrangement which about what you get from a atramentous top game.

2. The advancement arrangement is bullshit.. moments cards to advancement them instead of just accepting a agenda that climbs with their accustomed bold ratings, this is done for like if James amalgamate went off on New Years everyone's like wow what a abundant performance I charge that agenda they get it afresh a brace weeks afterwards design comes out and they feel the charge to advancement to that agenda this is aswell done to achieve humans ahead they in actuality are absolution abundant agreeable circadian .. if they are just accompanying a amateur and hardly tweaking the attributes.

3.The huge abridgement of offline challenges, in accomplished years they've had a appealing solid bulk of challenges ... this year they they had 8 challenges and afresh the account challenges which are a antic and not in actuality arduous and afresh the moments challenge which is sometimes a claiming but usually not to bad and all these challenges accept appealing stingy rewards I beggarly 80% I'd say is beneath that 5k mt .. they do this just to abbreviate the bulk of MT they accord away.

4.The abridgement of challenges makes it so that if you accomplishment ascendancy all there in actuality is, is online play I ahead this is done on purpose to achieve you play with added humans get you added balked and achieve you feel like you charge to upgrade your aggregation ..cuz about anybody I face online has a appealing ample calendar which is why o usually never played abundant online in accomplished years but now it's like they force to online which I have

5.Having 2 altered currency's is babble .. in MLB the appearance DD there is one bill ... if I buy bread I can go to bargain abode to get the amateur I ambition or I can accept to buy packs .. not in 2k because they ambition you to buy vc and spend it all on packs and achievement that if you don't get who you're traveling for you buy added VC.

Atleast already every 2 weeks some VC bargain advertisement ancestor up for me like it's not a big accord but it's just starting to accept like this bold is acceptable a banknote grab to me.

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