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There's a ton of settings, but its affecting that you accept to manually set these for your AI to play competent defense. its not like NBA coaches accept to admonish their players to play aegis afore every bold or something of NBA 2K18 MT Coins. maybe the knicks but for fucks sake, arise on already.

"Oh yeah guys, dont overlook theres two abandon of the ball, so if anyone that isnt you has the ball, you adeptness ambition to try to do something to him. your best though, no pressure".

I beggarly is this the classic of the halftime accent or something?

But what youre asking, the settings ill use are:

Switch: guards abandoned (helps a bit with your big men accepting brainless as bits and switching every play if they dont allegation to)

Help: advice and no rotation

Pre-rotate: no (kind of similar, stops the aboriginal switch/overcommit to the aces and cycle if its not necessary)

Screen advice rules: advice and no rotation

Help rules: help

Now i dont accept to use these settings every game, but for classic if im arena myleague and i face up adjoin one of the best teams in the league, sometimes i accept to use these settings for my arresting AI to not bits the bed, while the adversary hits every abandoned beforehand they yield from anywhere on the court, contested or not.

Curry is the affliction for this. If you acquisition these settings dont accomplish abundant difference, afresh you should alpha to blend with your matchups. swapping PG/SG arresting assignments at times is beneficial, in actuality with a aggregation like the warriors.

Same with SF/PF if you accept a adequately Mobile PF or the opposing SF is bigger or added than a acceptable SF, like lebron, that your SF deceit guard, but maybe a PF like kevin garnett could. sometimes PF/C allegation switching as well, or you just accept to sub out your centermost if they accept a huge guy.

I've had to sub out tristan thompson adjoin guys like drummond just because they arent big abundant to authority their own, guys like walter tavares even with a bad appraisement accept a bigger shot.

Also sometimes the opponents PF is the ascendant scorer, and your centermost adeptness be your best defender, so you adeptness ambition to accept him bouncer their PF in some games.

A bad classic actuality would be like accepting the 98 lakers vs spurs, tim duncan is at PF for your opponent, and hes killing you.

You adeptness ambition to about-face shaq on him and accident david robinson assault you instead. Normally there arent two ascendant big men like this, so if you awning the capital guy the added one wont usually bond them out, but in that book its a bit tougher.

Shaq stands added of a adventitious adjoin tim duncan than robert horry, blount, or campbell. Even admitting horry deceit awning robinson at all, sometimes you adeptness accept to accomplish sacrifices but they end up belief in your favor if youre acute with them.

Again if this all fails, afresh try abandoned arresting settings and about-face below i accept on screens on shooters even admitting this isnt what you do in complete life, its the bits that works in 2k for some reason.

Sag off big men a bit but not in actuality if they deceit shoot, theres a ambience amid bound and sag use that for a dwight howard blazon player.

If they can shoot play bound or maybe abjure off brawl if theyre slow, bound if theyre fast, on brawl bound afresh dont columnist too harder because theyre big men so they can still use column moves to get by you.

Players may not but the AI can do anything, so the affliction amateur can dream agitate you at times, you accept to apprehend this at any time to physique acceptable tendencies with NBA 2K18 MT Coins. Don't jump too aboriginal on blocks either.